Pumpkins Galore! 12 Unique Pumpkin Projects {inspiration}

chic pumpkin decorating

As Halloween slowly creeps up on us (no pun intended!), I’ve started searching for some unique ways I can decorate/carve pumpkins this year.  Of course jack-o-lanterns and ghost carvings will always have their place, I just think there’s always room for something new and exciting…plus, who says pumpkins can’t be chic?  I’ve pulled together some great inspiration for decorating pumpkins this year, so sit back with a Spiked Cider Spritzer (or a slice of pumpkin spice cake!) and soak up the pump-kin-spration…here goes!

PS. I’m LOVING white pumpkins this year, can you tell?


Unripened Pumpkins on a Mantle (bhg)

Black & White Ric Rac Pumpkins (Eddie Ross)

Gold Gilding Painted Pumpkins (country living)

Mini Pumpkin Votive (country living)

Stunning White Painted Pumpkins (camillestyles)

Pattern Painted Pumpkins (country living)

The “strength in numbers” effect, white pumpkins up stairway…

Silver Metallic Painted Pumpkins & Fabric Covered Pumpkins (johnny in a dress)

Nail Head Studded Pumpkins (coastal living)

Moon Hole Punch Pumpkin (country living)

Black & White Stenciled Pumpkins

Carved Flame Pumpkins (country living)

6 responses to “Pumpkins Galore! 12 Unique Pumpkin Projects {inspiration}

  1. i love the pumpkins with the zig zags they are so cute! also the ones in the fire place!! Such a great alternative! (:

  2. I absolutely love the “twighlight zone” esque paint job on the stenciled black and white pumpkins. So unique, artistic, but yet appropriately spooky for Halloween!

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