The “Boyfriend” Beach Cover-up [DIY]

diy boyfriend beach coverup

Brett and I spent a week in Disney this past February, we had an amazing time. I’ve been a Disney-a-holic forever, it’s truly is my happy place. As some of you may already know, this past trip was extra special because Brett and I got engaged during it! 

Here we are rockin’ our Mickey tees in front of “Germany”…one of Brett’s requirements was that we stop here DAILY for his German beer fix.  I agreed.  My only request was that we stop in Mexico immediately after for my margarita fix 😉

Before every vacation, I always go nuts shopping for new swimsuits…I don’t know why I did for Disney, seeing how we spent most of our time in the parks, but some things just never change…As usual, twas the night before our departure and I started panicking because I realized I had absolutely no swim cover-ups!  This always seems  to happen with SOMETHING right before every vacation.  I rummaged through my closet and came across some of Brett’s old oxford shirts.  Then, the light went off.  I decided to modify his shirts and turn them into button down beach cover-ups, AKA “Boyfriend” Beach Cover-ups.  I’m super happy with the way my DIY beach cover-up turned out 🙂

 step 1

I started out with an over-sized button down oxford.  Great color and material, lots of potential! 


step 2

The objective here was to re-size the proportions on Brett’s giant oxford.  To do this, I grabbed of my own shirts to use as a template.  I knew that I want this cover up to fit similarly to my shirt (in the arms and sides).  So starting with the arms, I lined up my shirt on top of his and pinned off the excess material.  I went all the way from the sleeve cuff, down the side, and to the bottom of the shirt. 

*Since this is technically a dress, it’s important to leave room in the width of the shirt for that classic, baggy “boyfriend” look.

step 3

After one arm and side of the shirt was pinned, I folded it over so that I could mirror image the exact same proportions on the other side, then added more pins.

step 4

Once both sides were pinned, I took my shirt to the sewing machine.  I sewed both sides of the shirt, down the arms and sides, just outside of the pins.  Once the excess material both sides were sewed off, I used fabric scissors to trim off all the extra fabric. 

I turned the shirt right-side-out and and I was good to go!  The only thing my cover up needed with a belt to cinch the waste area. 

Total cost of this DIY beach cover up? ZERO!

Here’s my new cover up in action, headed to the pool at Disney’s Boardwalk 🙂

Here’s a view from the back!

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