Help Me Decide! Wedding Color Palettes [inspiration]

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Brett & I , the night he proposed.

Some of you might follow me on Pinterest…If you do, by now you’re probably well aware of the fact that I am in the process of planning my wedding!  Brett and I have been together for just over ten years now, we actually started dating at the age of ten… Just kidding, we met in our senior year of high school 😉

You might ask why we waited so long to get hitched, but when you’re high school sweethearts, things arn’t always peaches and cream.  Getting through college, careers, apartments, and just plain growing up is hard on it’s own, never mind tackling it times two, all while trying to stay on the same page.  Needless to say, we had our share of heartbreaks and breakups along the way, but this story has a very happy ending…after rekindling our romance in late 2010, Brett finally popped the question!  We were engaged at Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World this past February!  We’ve decided to get married this October, so now I’m waist deep in color palettes, dresses, flowers, photographers, etc.  Bottom line, I need HELP!  I’ve put together a list of some great wedding color pallets and I’d love to hear all of your thoughts!

**Oh yea, I should probably mention that the wedding will take place in a ballroom at a historical hotel/resort in Newport, RI**

Here goes…. 

Nice day for a WHITE WEDDING! [Classic White Wedding Color Palette]

white wedding pallet

Dreaming of pastels & cream [Champagne & Lavender Wedding Color Palette]

pale purple wedding pallet

The perfect blend of natural & trendy [Emerald Green Wedding Color Palette]

Brighter than sunshine! [Spring Yellow Wedding Color Palette]

Vintage Mints [Mint & Peach Wedding Color Palette]

For a neutral yet cheery vibe [Gray & Yellow Wedding Color Palette]

I love GOLD…and seafoam….and champagne [Rustic Gold & Seafoam Wedding Color Palette]

A surprisingly awesome color combo [Mustard & Pink Wedding Color Palette]

Fresh, soft & natural [Duck Egg Blue & Gold Wedding Palette]

What chic, rustic & blue all over? [Rustic Robins Egg Blue Weddding Color Palette]

Please comment with your color palette pick for our wedding!  I need all the help I can get!!

26 responses to “Help Me Decide! Wedding Color Palettes [inspiration]

  1. First of all, congratulations!

    You have some great options here! I would say that my favorite is the Vintage Mint, because of how unique it is. But I really love the Mustard and Dusty Pink too, and think that would maybe be more “appropriate” for an October wedding. I know grey and yellow are popular right now… But I also think they’re a bit overused at this point. You need something more unique than that. :o)

    1. Thanks Jessii! I absolutely love mint and beach tones…you hit on one of my questions though. Are those colors “appropriate” for an October wedding? Or can we through all the color associations out the window? I agree the yellow and gray are fun, but definitely being used a TON =)

  2. I LOVE the mustard and pink, seems like a fresher twist on the green and pink (though the vintage mint is my very close runner up!).

        1. peach and gray sounds gorgeous!! Add silver
          And glass touches everywhere for elegance. Creamy hydrangeas with peach roses. You could do so much with this combo.

  3. Well, I love almost all of them. The one I am NOT big fan of is “Brighter than sunshine!” although I do like the Yellow and Grey! I really enjoy pastels & cream, Vintage Mints, and the Fresh, soft & natural. Keeping the venue in mind should help get through the options a bit quicker!

  4. i like all of them!, but to choose one… “rustic gold, seafoam and champagne” is my vote. my second choice is the vintage mint – but the rustic gold/seafoam reads more “late summer/fall” for your october wedding. It looks like the ballroom has touches of gold – maybe some reds in the carpeting (warm tones?) Love the others too, but they are more outdoor/country feeling to me. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelly! I love the rustic gold & seafoam too. I tend to gravitate toward beach tones, which you typically see more at outdoor weddings…I guess that’s the problem I keep having concidering my formal venue! I’m not big on the dark fall tones either, so now it’s just about finding a combo that works for the season and venue!

  5. “Vintage Mints” perfect for a historial location; or the very next one “yellow and gray” (Like that neutral cheery vibe). Any will be beautiful!!

  6. My vote is for the vintage mint and peach with the pink and mustard as a close runner up. If it is historic and in the fall those colors give a nice nod to the setting without being ‘traditional fall’ colors. And it won’t leave your guests wondering if you really wanted to get married in the summer on a beach ;). On a side note, I love all your pallet choices! PS. my husband and I met in high school my senior year and were married for our 10 year anniversary in October – congrats!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m definitely leaning toward the “vintage mint”…I like the “seafoam” palette too…wondering how bridesmaid dresses would look in those colors? I think both would look great. I was also giving some thought to a robins egg blue with champagne and vintage gold…

      What a coincidence about you and your husband! Congrats to both of you, cheers to the next ten! =)

  7. Love them all but for a fall wedding I would go with champagne and rustic gold pallets, very classic and elegant but at the same time inspirational. I have used peach and ivory for my summer lake wedding. We will look for more updates from you. I’t so exiting!!

    1. Ooohh, peach and ivory sound beautiful for a lake wedding! The majority vote seems to be swaying toward the champagne, gold and some sort of pale blue (mint, seafoam, robins egg). I’m sort of loving the sound of champagne, gold and robins egg blue…I’m thinking it will fit the vibe of the venue, and feel light and natural at the same time.

  8. Congratulations!! What ever color you choice, what ever design it takes I know it will be beautiful and I wish you the best!~ Colleen

  9. Vintage Mints…it is!
    I think i understand you and Brett as my husband and I just got hitched after 12 years of dating and your short story above is my experience exactly and more.
    I think the peach colour is bright and represents the joy and love between you both without screeming over the top like red. The mint green colour is luxurious in nature and a mature colour representing the richness of your relationship. The emerald green is mystique….people will always try and guess what is it with both of you that kept you going and coming back to one another and finally the glittering gold pops to celebrate what you both share including warming up everyone like its a fairy tale which it actually is.

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