Happy Birthday Picklee- Your Top 10 Favorite Posts!

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It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since the first post was ever published on Picklee!  It was after lots of soul searching, furniture flipping, and DIY experimenting that I decided I absolutely had to create an outlet to share my passions and love of all that is DIY with you all!  On January 31, 2012 (which coincidentally happens to be my own birthday as well, I turned the big two-seven today =)), I shared my first post…a skinny pasta recipe!

It was my passion that kept me feverishly posting for months, and it’s my many loyal readers (XOXO to you all!) that keep that very same passion going on stronger than ever today!  In just one short year, Picklee went from 1 visitor to 1.6 million visitors and over 600,000 impressions a month; we even opened up a revived furniture & home decor shop in Newport, RI…it’s all truly a blessing!  It’s with many thanks and love for you all that I bring you Picklee’s Top 10 Reader’s Favorite’s over the first year…enjoy!

Reader’s Choice-This Years Top 10 Posts 

1. Breaking the Bottle [how to]

—learn how to cut a wine bottle in half using only string, nail polish remover and fire!

2. Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions

–Ten amazing DIY cleaning solutions using products you already have!

3. 12 Astonishing Natural Beauty Solutions

–Why spend money on chemical packed beauty products when you can get better results from natural resources that cost next to nothing?!

4. Healthy Baking Subtitutions [healthy living]

–Make your sweets skinny using these simple, better-for-you baking subsitiutions!

baking sub

5. 14 Fabulous Rustic Chic Dining Tables

–Lover of rustic chic style?  You’ll be on cloud nine after you see this inspirational post on rustic dining tables!

6. DIY Photo Wall Collage + Endless Inspiration

–Learn how to create just about any type of photo collage wall, find templates, tutorial, and loads of inspiration!

35 art walls

7. The Bright Painted Furniture Movement

–Have you noticed all the brightly painted furniture lately?  You’ll find lot’s of inspiration to create your own brightly painted piece here!

8. The DIY Headboard Extravaganza [unique headboard inspiration]

–Your headboard should be the statement piece in your bedroom, find endless inspiration to create a simple & custom DIY headboard here!

9. 10 Uses for Up-Cycled Wine Bottles

–Another excuse to drink more wine!  Save your old bottles for these amazing DIY wine bottle crafts!

10. 22 White Kitchens that ROCK!

–I love all that is WHITE…especially kitchens! This post shares la crème de la crème of white kitchens!

Those are your ten favorite posts this year!  Thanks again for your love & loyalty, I couldn’t do this without all of you =)  Cheers to Picklee’s amazing first year, and many more to come!

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