Skinny Christmas Cranberry Spritzer [cocktail]

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Eat, drink & be Merry…that’s the Christmas motto right?  Well, I’ve got the drink portion covered for you today!  There’s lots of wonderful sounding Christmas cocktails out there, unfortunately, most of them are loaded with calories.  I don’t know about you, but at a time when I’m overindulging on Christmas goodies, I feel like the least I can do is attempt to keep my drinks “skinny”!  Using a little inspiration from other [not so skinny] Christmas drinks, I came up with this SKINNY Christmas cocktail that will knock your socks stockings off 😉

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The Skinny Christmas Cranberry Spritzer [skinny cocktail recipe]

Serves 10-12


one cup fresh cranberries

2 1/2 cups vodka

1 liter club soda

1 cup light cranberry juice

1 packets of Crytal Light Pure On-The-Go Mixed Berry  (you can use 2 packets if you like your drink a little sweeter too)

3 springs fresh mint (optional)


Add cranberries and vodka together in a pitcher and soak overnight (or at least a couple hours)

After cranberries and vodka have soaked, add soda water, cranberry juice and Crystal Light Packet, stir.  Top off with fresh mint springs and serve chilled over ice!

Have a Merry [skinny] Christmas!

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