Skinny Chocolate Cake Martini {recipe}

skinny choc cake martini

On Thursday, I promised you all a fabulous new skinny drink…and boy do I have a treat for you!  We always see these drool-worthy frozen concoctions, but drinking one is sometimes the equivalent to eating a Big Mac!  Today’s cocktail was inspired by just that.  I went to the store and bought a bunch of “nips” for my experiment.  I mixed some things up and ended up creating a masterpiece.  I mean this thing is GOOD…amazingly good and SKINNY!  Here it is, my frozen Skinny Chocolate Cake Martini

Skinny Chocolate Cake Martini

Gather up:

* I used “nips”, or mini bottles because they’re the perfect amount for one drink…and they’re cheap too 😉

UV Chocolate Cake vodka

Butterscotch schnapps

Godiva Chocolate Liquor

Whipsy Infused Whipped cream (its whipped cream with liquor in it, you can get this or a different brand at most liquor stores)

Sugar free chocolate syrup


Get out the blender.  Add one cup of ice, one nip of the chocolate cake vodka, one nip of the butterscotch schnapps, and a splash of the Godiva chocolate liquior.  BLEND!

Squirt some sugar free chocolate syrup around the inside of a martini glass.  Pour on your blended chocolate cake martini.  Top with whipped cream, and enjoy!

Pure deliciousness…

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  1. Mmmmm…. I happen to have a nip of the chocolate cake vodka that a friend gave me as a silly birthday present… now I know what to do with it!!

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