Top 10 Picks: Spooky Halloween Bites [recipe inspiration]

10 spooky halloween treats

Halloween is big for me.  I love all the silliness, candy, dressing up, candy, trick-or-treating, candy…and did I mention candy?  Yea, I give myself a free pass to eat all the candy I want this time of year…why not!? Aside from all the candy, we can’t forget about the yummy Halloween treats!  There are so many fun ideas out there for Halloween food and treats, so I’ve pulled together this list of my 10 favorite Halloween Recipes & Treats…

Mummy Dogs! [recipe]

Jack-o-lantern Mexican Dip [recipe]

Cheesy Bones [recipe]

Witches Fingers [recipe]

Witches Wands [recipe]

Blood Rim Martini

*Use honey and red food coloring to get this spooky look!  Raspberry syrup works great too! 

For the green martini? Use equal parts vodka, Midori Liquor and sour mix-shake then pour!

Boogy Man Cupcakes [source]

* Add green food coloring to cake frosting, top cupcakes with a marshmello then frost with green.  Use black gel frosting to add hair and a face to your boogy man!

Boogy Man cupcakes halloween

Spider Eggs [source]

*Make your usual deviled eggs, then slice up some black olives into slivers.  Arrange them into a spider shape on the eggs!

Candy Corn Jello Shots [recipe]

Spider Krispies [recipe]

Here’s another fun Halloween Treat I made the other day…Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop!


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