Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet [DIY]

the tangerine bead strand bracelet

When it comes to jewelry (especially bracelets), my motto has always been “simple is better”.  I really don’t like the feeling (and sound!) of clunky pieces clanging together on my wrists… I’m not really a costume jewelry girl either, when I put on a piece of jewelry it usually stays on until it I either get really sick of it or it falls off…partly because I’m not the best at “accessorizing”, but mostly because I get so busy I just forget!  That being said, I’m really loving the string jewelry right now.  It looks so simple & classic, and the best part for me of course is that you barely know you’re wearing it!  I created today’s DIY bracelet with this trend in mind…here it is, the Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet

The Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet [DIY]

step 1 p

For this DIY string & bead bracelet, you will need embroidery string (color of your choice, there’s a million options!), 6-8 tiny beads (of your choice), and a metal finding post. 

First, slide your beads onto the metal finding post…

step 2 p

Secure the beads onto the post by using jewelry pliers to roll the end of the finding into a loop.  Keep in mind that you will need two loops on either side of the finding to slide the string through.

step 3 p

Cut two pieces of string in equal lengths (each of mine were approx. 10″).  Then slide them through either end of the finding.  There should be extra string length so that you have enough string to tie the bracelet around your wrist.

That’s all folks!  Your bead strand bracelet is complete!  Simply tie it around your wrist, trim the extra string and your done!

The possibilities for variations on this bracelet are virtually limitless! Here’s another variation on the DIY Bead Strand Bracelet…

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2 responses to “Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet [DIY]

  1. do you think there is another option other than tying it? Looks like you have something small attached to the end.

    1. Yes, I tied a little jump ring to one side with a clasp hook to the other…I decided not to post the bracelet that way because it’s really not the type of piece you’ll take on and off-but there are lots of possibilities!

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