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In my opinion, staying fit and healthy shouldn’t be about holding back and making sacrifices.  It should be a conscious decision to eat what you love by incorporating delicious foods that help your body perform better and keep the extra pounds off.  Choosing healthier, more nutritious options will come naturally to you once you learn when and how to incorporate them…and when eating better comes naturally, it’s called a lifestyle =)

I love sweets and I’ll never deprive myself of them, so I’ve already put together a healthy baking substitution chart.  This has come in handy countless times for me!

10 Healthy Eating Choices- get fit faster & stay fit!


Try: Quinoa

Why is it better? Quinoa is a complete protein based grain, so it contains all the amino acids necessary for our nutritional needs.  It is super high in iron and calcium, as well as a good source of magnesium, copper, and fiber.  White rice is a carbohydrate based grain.  It may have slightly less calories per serving than quinoa, but it’s irrelevant since the gluten and carbs in the rice turn into sugar after we consume it, which can eventually turn to unwanted fat.  Quinoa on the other hand, processes through our body efficiently, providing fuel as a clean protein.  This make quinoa the better choice every time!


Try: Pita Bread

Why is it better?  Technically, there’s really no bread that’s “good” for you…and ideally, if you’re going to eat bread it should be sprouted grain or spelt bread since neither are processed and they offer the most amount of vitamins & nutrients.  However, sprouted and spelt bread can be pricing and difficult to find (especially if you’re eating out).  So next time you’re having a sandwich, consider opting for pita bread instead of sliced white bread.  Pita bread has less calories than white bread and is very low in fat, it also contains a bit of iron and calcium.  That’s a heck of a lot more than we can say about white bread, which offers almost no nutritional benefits!


Try: Mashed Cauliflower

Why is it better?  Cauliflower over potatoes is a much better choice any day, for obvious reasons.  Cauliflower is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, K, B6, potassium, fiber, foliate…the list goes on!  On top of the multiple health benefits, mashed cauliflower has a fraction of the amount calories as a cup of mashed potatoes…a win all around!


Try: Corn Tortillas

Why is it better?

One corn tortilla contains only 40 calories and .5 grams of fat, while one flour tortilla contains 110 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, that’s reason enough for me!  Not to mention the fact that flour tortillas contain loads of sodium while corn has very little…I’ll take the corn, please =)


Try: Greek Yogurt

Why it’s better?

Non fat Greek yogurt tastes amazing, and the consistency is the same as sour cream, so it makes for an amazing calorie saving swap out.  One cup of non-fat Greek yogurt contains about 130 calories and is fat free, while one cup of sour cream contains upwards of 450 calories with 45 grams of fat, now that’s a big difference!


Try: Fruit Flavored Water
Why it’s better?
Most of us now know that fruit juices (even though they are made from “fruit” and are loaded with healthy claims) are not actually good for you.  Fruit juices are packed with sugar and syrups that cause our bodies to create and store unwanted fat.  Yes, even that orange juice you have every morning!  Swap out the juice for water with fresh fruit and save hundreds of sugar packed calories daily!
Try: Guacamole
mayo substitute
Why it’s better?
Having a sandwich?  Consider this first: two tablespoons of mayo contains 115 calories, loads of saturated fat and over 200 mg of sodium, while 1/4 of a whole avocado contains only 80 calories and is packed with health benefits (so many that some consider it a “super food”).  Avocado is a great source of protein, fiber, calcium and most of all, potassium!
Try: Sweet Potato Fries [baked]
Why it’s better?
French fries are bad for obvious reasons, the contain loads of saturated fat and carbs that do nothing but harm to your body.  Their yummy orange counterpart however, now that’s another story!  Next time you’re craving fries, have baked sweet potato “fries” instead, you’ll save tons of calories, as well as add great vitamins and nutrients your body needs (like vitamin A, C, protein and fiber)!
Try: Fresh Diced Tomato
Why it’s better?
Tomato sauce from a jar may seem like a healthy choice, tomatoes right? Not.  Tomato sauces often contain large amounts of added sugar (among lots of other unknown ingredients), which we certainly don’t need when we are trying to maintain a healthy diet.  Opt for fresh diced tomatoes instead, now you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and you certainly won’t be consuming unnecessary sugars that do nothing but encourage your body to create and store fats!
Try: Wheat Pasta
Why it’s better?
Although the calorie content is about the same here (some versions of wheat pasta contain a bit less in the calorie department), consuming regular pasta provides almost no nutritional value. Opting for wheat pasta instead of white can deliver up to 7 grams of fiber, and 8 grams of protein, while regular pasta just can’t compete.  This means that you body will receive more of the nutrients it needs to function and burn better!
Happy Eating!


20 responses to “10 Healthy Choices You Should Make [healthy living]

  1. what great substitutes! I always try and eat quinoa, sweet potato fries, wheat pasta, and greek yogurt instead of the other stuff. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love your substitutes but must point out a mistake in your rice/quinoa swap. You mention the rice contains gluten. It does not. As one who has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I am hyper vigilant when it comes to gluten as the consequences for consuming it is NOT pretty for ma or others with this ‘lovely’. I do prefer quinoa nutritionally to white rice, but enjoy brown rice on occasionally. Enjoy your Blog!

    1. Actually, rice does contain gluten. It does not however, contain gliadin, which is the part of gluten that people with Celiac Disease react to. So you are right that with Celiac Disease, you can eat rice without problems.
      If you have a gluten allergy however (which is not just focussed on the gliadin), eating rice wíll cause a reaction.

      You can find all of this on wikipedia:

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  4. I just wanted to mention, I’m a vegan and if you really are craving sour cream there are vegan options out there, promise you won’t even be able to tell the difference.. 25 cal per Tablespoon. 🙂

  5. another substitute for your regular pasta is spaghetti squash! or you can also julienne, or slice super thinly, veggies like zucchini and use them in place of pasta. I don’t have all the nutritional info, but because the squash and zucchini are veggies, they will have to win, hands down. My only problem with spaghetti squash is that it often is pretty sweet tasting, which I find can be jarring when you aren’t expecting it. On the other hand, if you are making homemade tomato sauce you don’t have to sweeten it to balance the acidity in the tomatoes, cause the squash is sweet enough!

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  9. I have just a few comments. Instead of substituting whole wheat pasta for regular pasta. You might want to try dream field pasta. It has a lower carb content. On the fresh diced tomato as opposed to tomato sauce. Make sure you dice the tomato yourself as the canned diced tomato might not only have additional sugar but sodium as well! Excess sodium will cause the body to retain water and is NOT good for your heart!

  10. Healthy pasta: instead of whole wheat pasta as your choice of healthy pasta I found quinoa pasta. See reg white pasta leaves my belly feeling over full but with the quinoa pasta I don’t get that feeling at all and I feel content ? I found it in my Bulk Barn store, where I can buy everything just in bulk. But also my spouse has a fatty liver and he’s not supposed to have it either but if u cook the white pasta aldante then the gluten sticky stuff isn’t there. Also he’s not to have a lot of white rice ( the minute rice kind) but if I cook that the day before I want to use it and stick it in the fridge overnight then magically when I reheat it all the gluten is not there either ?

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