The Little Lime Table Transformation {your pick}


I’ve always loved using bright paint colors on furniture, it gives otherwise plain and simple pieces a reason to take center stage.  When done right, a brightly painted piece of furniture can really turn into the focal point of a room.  We see a lot of this trend in coastal/ island style decor, so it’s no wonder that these bright colors tend to bring us to our happy place {well they bring me there anyway ;)}  Today’s “your pick”, sent to us from Kristie, is a perfect example of just that.  This simple, old hand-me-down cabinet was almost written off before Kristie decided to revive it with a fresh coat of lime green paint and some new hardware.


Well done, Kristie! You transformed this cabinet from a dud into a head turner, don’t you just love when that happens?

If you enjoyed Kristie’s lime green table transformation you’ll probably enjoy this Buttercup Plant Stand too!

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4 responses to “The Little Lime Table Transformation {your pick}

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  2. This is just what I want to do with one of my coffee tables. I’m moving to a new apartment soon and want to decorate it differently and give it my twist. This is PERFECT I’m still deciding which color I’ll use but this one is beautiful. And it’s a great alternative when you live in a rental and they wont allow you to paint the walls in bright colors/make drawings/use decals and put some paintings or pictures on the wall. Well done 😀 LOVE IT!

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