The Antique Buttercup Plant Stand {before & after}

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It’s near impossible for me to pass up ANY piece of furniture for $5.99, let alone a solid, antique piece.  This was the case while strolling through the isles of a local thrift shop the other day.  This side table/plant stand jumped out at me with it’s bubbly character and solid build, the possibilities were just swirling in my mind and I knew I HAD to have it.  I love trying out different colors and paint designs (just like on my chevron side table) on small pieces of furniture, and this table would be perfect for a new buttercup yellow paint I mixed up!  Here’s the piece before I got to transform it 😉

To get the perfect buttercup yellow for this plant stand, I used a standard yellow acrylic paint, then mixed it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White (3 parts yellow, 1 part white).  I gave the table two coats of buttercup, let dry, then taped off two “v” shapes that I decided to paint gray-just to add a bit of character to the table…

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Gray to brush on the “v” shapes. The chalk paint goes on pretty thick and I wanted the stripes to look a bit weathered, so I let the stripes dry, then used steel wool to sand them down and ruff them up a bit.   Here’s how my $6 plant stand/side table turned out in the end…

This happy little plant stand turned into a piece I would have paid a pretty penny for; and to think, I bought it mainly to try out with my buttercup yellow paint!  It pays to keep an open mind and allow yourself to simply BE INSPIRED.


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