The Funky 50’s Polka Dot Painted Fridge {Your Pick}

funky 50s fridge

She had an itsy bitsy, teeney weeny, tiny polka dot FRIDGE!  Today’s Your Pick, sent in from Angela, shares the tale of an ugly old fridge and it’s extreme transformation.  Take one old fridge, add a little spray paint and some (chalkboard paint) polka dots and you have yourself a new funky fridge!  Doesn’t this fridge just make you feel like your in a 1950’s ice cream parlor?  So much fun!  Introducing, Angela’s Funky 50’s Polka Dot Painted Fridge

This polka dot fridge sure is SWELL!  Angela did not have a “before” photo, but she said it was SCARY, so we took our best gander at what the “before” looked like.

Angela shares the story and “how to” of her painted fridge:

“I regretfully did not take a before of my sunroom fridge.  It was too scary to photograph.  It had numerous rust spots and some very questionable stains.  I painted it with Krylon spraypaint (it makes the world go around) in Ballet Slipper.  I didn’t prime it first (gasp).  I really hate priming things.  If I feel something is seriously in need of it, I’ll just slap a coat of white on it and call it “primed”. The black and white dots I bought at Michael’s.  The black dots can be written on with chalk and the white dots can be written on with white board marker..genius! As an afterthought I spritzed the handles with Rustoleum (I cheated on Krylon) Blue Sky. It turned out so pretty and is one of my favorite projects so far.”- Angela

Share your thoughts and rate the transformation of this funky fridge below!

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4 responses to “The Funky 50’s Polka Dot Painted Fridge {Your Pick}

  1. I love this makeover! It is so easy to do as well. I have been thinking about doing something to my trusty old washer and dryer. They work great but look like they have been around the block a few times. Great post.

  2. How large was the fridge and how many cans of paint did it take? I have used ballet slipper pink many times and my kitchen is pink, green and white.

  3. Would this work for the texterd front refrigerator? We have one out in garage in my hubby’s man cave. Would paint it orange and navy blue for his beloved Bears team.

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