The Urban Chic Polka Dot Table {Your Pick}

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What’s black & white with spots all over?  Colleen’s Urban Chic Polka Dot Table!

Today’s “your pick” comes from Colleen, owner of RI based Farm Hill Furniture & Salvage.  Colleen shares the wonderful transformation of a boring old Empire table that was given a funky fresh face lift!

What an incredible transformation!  I’m obsessed with everything polka dot, so you can only imagine my delight when Colleen sent this in =)

Make your own polka dot table, Colleen shares her “how to” below:

“I was living in Providence, RI when I did the Black and White polka dot table. I either found the table at the thrift store or on the sidewalk, it was solid but the stain did not age that well so, I painted it.”

Supplies: Sandpaper, 10″ x 10″ plastic polka dot stencil, stencil brush, regular (quality) brush 4″ roller and eggshell, latex paint.

Step 1: Completely prep the table. Sand it down, remove the residue and use a damp rag to wipe thoroughly getting all those creases-let dry. Very important!

Step 2: Starting with the table in an upside down position, paint the base. The base has lots of sides so starting that way helps make sure you see them all. I used a thick stencil brush ALWAYS checking for drips of paint. I always work with the least amount paint on the brush so I don’t loose control with all those edges. Apply two coats letting the first coat dry over night. Lightly sand and brush in between coats.

Step 3: White top: It was tricky, but easier to tape off the black base to prevent any white paint from getting on it then it was to do the reverse. Again, apply two coats of paint and let cure overnight in between. I used a small roller for the top. Lightly sand in between.

Step 4: Time to stencil the polka dots!  The stencil was square so I lined it up maybe 4 or 5 times and did it in sections to manage two coats. The process was as follows: aline the stencil on the table for as much coverage as possible, keeping in mind evenness and edges. Carefully lift and wait about 5 min.after the first coat. Let that dry about 5 minutes (dots dry fast) and then go for the second coat. Wash and dry the stencil thoroughly and let that first section dry for 20 minutes then repeat that way until your done.

Step 5: Allow the table to cure for a couple days. Then apply a few coats of a paste wax for a protective finish.

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