DIY Hemp & Sea Glass Bracelet

hemp and glass bead bracelet

Earlier, I posted the DIY Hemp and Pearl Bracelet, which I absolutely love!  Another material that I cannot get enough of is sea glass.  I think sea glass is simply pure and beautiful, and using sea glass in jewelry is so crisp & refreshing.  Check out this gorgeous Hemp and Sea Glass Bracelet, along with a super simple DIY!

hemp and glass bead bracelet

Whip up this Hemp and Sea Glass Bracelet on your own with this DIY!

step 1Cut three strands of thin (natural polished) hemp, approx 28-32″ in length.  Loop a large stone or button style toggle around the end of the three strands.  Tighten toggle, then tie all three strands together at the end.

step 2Begin to braid the three stands together, string a piece of seaglass on down alternating strands every 1/4″ or so.  Continue this until you reach come to approx. 2″ of sting at the end.  Tie a knot to secure the end of the braid.

step 3Using the remaining 2″ of hemp, tie a loop small enough to fasten the toggle you chose. You should be left with a beaded hemp braid long enough to wrap 3-4 times around your wrist.  Enjoy your fabulous new hemp and sea glass bracelet!

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  1. Really nice idea, Looks fantastic! But how do you bore holes into the sea glass pieces? What Kind of drill do you use?

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