DIY Hemp & Pearl Bracelet

hemp and pearl bracelet

This pearl hemp bracelet is so simple to make and it looks stunning!  Wow, a surprisingly glamorous twist on the standard knotted hemp bracelet!  Make this bracelet yourself in two simple steps!

Don’t stop here, try making this gorgeous sea glass hemp bracelet too!

Creating the pearl hemp bracelet couldn’t be easier:

step 1Start by combining 4-5 strings of hemp, tie them together.  Be sure to measure for enough hemp (a good rule is 2 times your wrist size, you can always make it smaller if need be).

step 2

String three pearls onto three different strands.  Tie a knot, repeat.  Continue until you reach the end of the bracelet.  Leave enough space at the end to tie the bracelet once it’s on your wrist.  You can also make a toggle style clasp.  My DIY for the hemp and sea glass bracelet explains how to make the toggle style clasp.

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16 responses to “DIY Hemp & Pearl Bracelet

    1. Lauren, I like to purchase beads from, you can so many unique things, check out these vintage pearls:

      To finish the ends of the bracelet, you can tie an extra large pearl to one end, with a loop on the other end, creating a toggle style clasp. You can see how this is done on the sea glass bracelet DIY:
      Good luck with your project!

  1. You’ve totally lost me on this one. I don’t even know how to start even after reading the sea glass post.

    1. Lesley, it’s actually more simple than it may seem. You start by tying 4-5 hemp strands together. After that, you can tie any sort of large bead to that same tied end (this is to make a toggle style end clasp). You can also just leave the ends with a little space to tie it around your wrist once it’s complete.

      Now, tie all the strands together in a knot, then string three pearls onto three different strands. Tie another knot, and repeat by adding three more pearls. Continue until you reach the end of the string.

      Tie it off once you reach the end. You can leave it like that if you prefer to tie it around your wrist. If you are doing the toggle style clasp, simple loop the end when you tie it off. The loop will hold the bead you secured to the other end.

      I hope this helps clarify, let me know how you make out!


  2. This is actually my wrist and I made this bracelet awhile ago for my daughter. I got the idea from a bracelet I saw on a jewelry website that they were selling for over a $100.00. I’m sure they were using a different kind of pearls. The ones I used were from Joann Fabrics as well as the hemp. I am a little surprised that I see this picture on several different blogs and now 2 different sites. Thank you.

      1. Jordan, i don’t think you understood before. This picture is actually mine. I took it and i made the original bracelet. i don’t care that you posted the tutorial for it but you could have used your own picture!! you could have forwarded the person that wanted to buy one to my website if you actually knew what it was. you are not the only one that has posted this pic and a tutorial on how to do it. please remove it or take your own pic. thanks

        1. What is the link to your page, Linda? I’d rather like to see your page and see how much you ask to make them. I do not like how easily people “claim” credit for things online, like Jordan has here.

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