12 Dreamy Back Yard Ideas [inspiration]

As soon as this $%#*$# cold, snowy weather lets up over here on the East coast we’ll be preparing our back yard for Summer.  Since purchasing our new home, Brett and I have been dreaming up fun ideas for our back yard.  We have a large, flat open space, so I’ve thought about adding patios, pergolas, pools…you name it, I’ve dreamt of it!  So since I can’t get started on my back yard project just yet, I’ve done the next best thing…compile inspiration!  Here are 12 of my favorite ideas for creating a dreamy back yard =)

back yard ideas

12 Dreamy Back Yard Ideas [inspiration]

[1] Create an outdoor movie theater…

movie night back yard

[2] Create a lighted spot for outdoor dining…

summer back yard

[3] Turn up the romance by stringing trees with lights…

lighted trees

[4] Invigorate your outdoor space with a potted lemon tree…

how to plant lemon tree

[5] Set the mood by suspending candles from a pergola…

candles back yard

[6] Black & white awnings add sophistication to a cozy backyard lounge…

beautiful back yard

[7] This pergola with a suspended chandelier provides a cozy space for gathering…

back yard patio3

[8] Create a warm outdoor dining space by building a stone patio with a fireplace hearth…

back yard patio2

 [9] A classic pergola defines an outdoor living area…

back yard patio

[10] Create extra outdoor seating by adding built-in divider platforms…

back yard lounge2

[11] A simple stone patio with comfy sofa seating defines this back yard living area…

back yard lounge

[12] An enclosed patio provides warmth & extra living space…

back yard kitchen area

Looking for home inspiration for your beautiful home? Find more of our inspiration here!

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