Fresh Picked Friday [Vol. 23]

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Happy Friday, everyone! 

Though every Friday is fabulous, this Friday is extra-special to me.  Today happens to be my ten (yikes!?!) year anniversary with Brett!  Brett & I were high school sweethearts, we started dating in his senior year.  We’ve both changed and grown so much through the years, but it amazes me that we’ve always changed together, (usually!) on the same page.  We’ve been able to conquere & accomplish things together that I would have never thought possible…for that, I feel so blessed.  I’m very lucky to truely be able to call Brett my best friend, cheers to the next ten!

On that note, I’m going to kick off today’s Fresh Pick’s with a throw back!

A Moment Like This, by Kelly Clarkson [the first song Brett and I ever danced to, our highschool homecoming in 2002!]

Healthy Fall Dinner [butternut penne pasta]

I love using burlap! [DIY burlap rose wreath]

Stocking stuffer [the new Instagram camera, it's like the modern polaroid!]

Amazing revival [white & gray chevron hutch]

Sweater too small? [make a cardigan!]

Because you can’t kill em! [plant a potted succulant garden]

Yes, I’m going there already! [Santa hat brownies]

Have a great weekend!

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