The Skinny Dirty Monkey Freeze {drink recipe}

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You might remember the recent (heavenly) Dirty Monkey Cookie recipe I shared, well in that post I shared the story of how my love of everything banana & chocolate came about…I first discovered the Dirty Monkey frozen rum drink while on a vacation in the Dominican Republic years ago, it’s been a staple for me on hot summer days ever since!  The delicious frozen chocolate banana drink inspired me to create the cookie, and now I’ve taken it one step further…I’ve concocted a SKINNY version of my favorite frozen tropical drink.  Enter The Skinny Dirty Monkey Freeze

The Skinny Dirty Monkey Freeze (serves 2)

one serving is less than 150 calories!

Gather Up:

one banana

3 oz. spiced rum (I used Captain Morgan)

2 T skim milk

1 packet of Stevia sweetener

1 tsp cocoa powder

1 T Greek vanilla yogurt (optional, makes it creamier, yum)

1.5 – 2 cups of ice

a dash of granola to garnish the top

Throw all of the ingredients inside a blender and GRIND!  The finished product should look something like this…

Such an amazing treat =)



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2 thoughts on “The Skinny Dirty Monkey Freeze {drink recipe}

  1. You just made my dreams come true! My husband and I discovered this in Cozumel a few years ago and loved it. We’ve lovingly called each other Mono Sucio (dirty monkey) ever since. I’ve never been able to find a comparable recipe and I’m a terrible mixologist. And its low cal? Bonus! Thank you!

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