The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer {DIY}

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Today I concluded that I was sick and tired of my makeup table looking like tornado stricken cosmetic store… and I know I’m not alone on this one!  I needed a simple (and fabulous!) solution for keeping my cosmetics looking orderly without  hiding them away after every use.  Mission:  Create a great organization solution using up-cycled and discarded materials… the result, The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer.  Mission accomplished.

The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer {DIY}

Gather up one metal can (remove the wrapper), and two old plates of your preference (one a bit larger than the other).  I used two vintage silver platters simply because I have a ridiculous abundance of them.

Use a hot glue gun to apply glue to the outer edge of the can.  Secure the can to the center of the larger plate.

Using the hot glue gun again, apply glue to the outer edge of the bottom of the can.  Secure the smaller plate to the can.

It’s that simple!  There are endless options for the use of this platter (jewelry organizer, pastry platter, etc.) as well as a million style variations.  You might try painting the can a fun color, using funky plates, adding more tiers…endless potential I tell you!

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8 thoughts on “The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer {DIY}

  1. I love it! I myself just made a cupcake stand just like this with plates and candle stick holders, you have great ideas! Will def be back for more!

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