The Skinny Espresso Martini

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Warning!  This may just be the best espresso martini you’ll ever have.  It’s known to bring on feelings of intense happiness & excitement along with continuous cravings for more.  The best part about this espresso martini?  It’s SKINNY.  I am a huge lover of espresso martinis, but I always felt guilty indulging because of their high calorie content.  That’s when I created this delightful, low calorie espresso martini recipe.  These things are so delicious you’d never know they were the better-for-you alternative!

Introducing, The Skinny Espresso Martini

Gather up:

4 oz. chilled coffee or espresso {I usually use a french press to make double strength espresso ;)}

2 oz. Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka {you can also use, vanilla, fluffed or any other similar flavored vodka

just a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream


Fill a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, pour in coffee, vodka & Bailey’s-shake INTENSELY {crucial to create that wonderful foamy deliciousness} for 30 seconds.

Pour into your favorite martini glass, garnish with three coffee beans and savor your Skinny Espresso Martini!

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