DIY Felt Wreath for Valentines Day

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Love is in the air, it’s my favorite time of year!  I’m feeling crafty today, so I’m going to share a fun & super in-expensive DIY Valentines Day wreath.  This is so much better than anything you would buy in the store!

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First, you can purchase any wreath base from a craft store, heart shaped, circle, foam or braided.

Next, cut red (or pink and red) felt fabric into circles, approx. 1-2″ in diameter.  This part can be a bit time consuming, but hang in there-it’s worth it!

*Fun variation:try using red burlap instead of felt for a more organic look

Now that your circles are cut, pinch them in the centers to create the look of a flower.  Add a dot of hot glue to the bottom of each “flower”.

Stick felt flowers in random patterns all around the wreath, the fuller, the better in my opinion…

Tie a wide ribbon around the wreath for hanging, and viola…the finished product!

And if you chose the red burlap variation, your finished product will look more like this…

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3 thoughts on “DIY Felt Wreath for Valentines Day

  1. Love this! About how many circles do i need to cut out and how much felt did you use? And we’re do you get the red burlap? Thanks in advance!

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