Sipping Like a Pro: 10 Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

wine tasting tips

Have you got a wine tasting event coming up and are a bit worried about not making a fool of yourself? 

Now you’re looking to answer the question: How do you taste wine?

Wine tasting is often a very serious activity and people think that it is an art form. This is true to some extent, but there is no reason why you can’t use a few good tips to taste wine almost exactly like a pro. 

Check out these ten wine tasting tips to do just that!

1. First, Look

Tips for tasting wine start with not tasting it at all. First, you need to look at the wine’s complexion. 

2. Smell the Fragrance

Now you want to take in the aroma of the wine. Try to identify the scents like lavender, wood-smoke, or berries. This will help you prepare for the taste and make a better judgment of it. 

3. Let the Wine Sit

Some first-timers will open a bottle right up and start tasting. Don’t do this.

Particularly with red wine, you want to let the wine breathe before you start drinking it. This will allow the tannins to be released

4. Small Sips

When you finally drink, you want to make sure your sips are small. This is so that you can move the wine around in your mouth and fully appreciate the flavors. 

5. Assess the Taste

Use your knowledge from the smell to inform your opinion on the taste itself. Try and get the overall taste clear in your mouth before moving on to accents.

6. Look for Accents

You will find that good wine has a complex flavor. There will be the dominant flavor, which is often a berry-like taste, but then secondary flavors after that (wood, citrus, earthiness).

7. Think about Structure

Wine is not just about taste, but also structure. This word has to do with the way the wine actually feels in your mouth. Is the flavor rich and constant? Or, does the flavor come and go between a weaker, more watery taste. 

One of the best wine tasting tips you can get to impress friends or colleagues is to comment positively on the taste of the wine but note that it is not properly supported by the structure. 

8. An Aftertaste to Savor

You’ve worked out the flavor and the accents, but now it’s time to assess the aftertaste. Many wines will have a good upfront flavor but fail in the aftertaste.

For example, some wines will leave a metallic aftertaste that is biting to the palette. This can seriously affect your enjoyment of the wine, as well as determine which foods should be paired with it. 

9. Don’t Always Swallow

Sometimes, it’s best not to swallow the wine. This is because alcohol can dull your sense and affect your ability to taste the other wines on offer. This is one of the most forgotten wine tasting tips.

10. Choose the Right Scenery

Wine is not just about scent and taste, but also the enjoyment of the whole scenery. To intensify your enjoyment of wine, go to premium venues like Beamsville Bench wine events. It will make the wine taste better!

Wine Tasting Tips Come After Enjoyment

Now you have all the top wine tasting tips to look like a pro! But, remember that you shouldn’t let these tips get in the way of you enjoying your wine. 

Some people take wine-tasting techniques too far and end up missing the point, which is to enjoy good wine. Don’t ever lose sight of why you are tasting the wine. Just relax, enjoy yourself, and have some fun!

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