A List of 6 Cool Vape Tricks That You Can Easily Do


The e-cigarette industry is becoming one of the biggest and highest-grossing industries today. Despite it facing many controversies in the past, it proves to remain popular among smokers and non-smokers alike. There are new vape devices which tackle the waste problem vaping had to deal with before, making it a more acceptable alternative for the environment.

Whether it’s to get with the trend or to break your smoking habit, you’ll find yourself getting a vaporizer as well. Why not also learn a few cool vape tricks and make the most of your experience?

With the way vape clouds work, there are lots of ways for you to pull off tricks to impress your friends. If you want to start with easy ones though, read on below and learn 6 you can do without trouble.

1. The Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is the easiest trick for you to pull off if you’re a beginner. This makes it a great way to build your confidence in doing many more cool vape tricks later on. This trick will make it look like you’re preventing a ghost from escaping your body through the mouth.

First, you need to take a long drag from your device and store the vapor in the back of your throat. Let it linger for a while in your mouth to allow it to morph into the shape of a ball.

After waiting for a couple of seconds, open your mouth in an O shape. Then, as the vapor escapes, suck it back in and close your mouth again.

While doing this trick, you shouldn’t force the vapor out with your touch or breath. This will destroy the shape and make it hard to suck it all back in.

2. The Dragon’s Breath

An easy way to stand out among your vaping buddies is to do the dragon’s breath trick. This trick makes you look as if you’re a dragon with a breath of fire at the back of its throat. It’s a bit of an outrageous trick, but it’s sure to get the attention of your friends.

Despite its extravagance though, breathing like a dragon isn’t difficult. All you need to do is take in a lot of vapor to prepare yourself for the trick. Next, you exhale it through the nose and mouth and forceful as you can.

You should also remember to keep the middle part of your mouth closed. This way, the vapor can only escape through the corners of your mouth. Try puckering the middle part of your lips.

3. The Waterfall

The waterfall is an easy vape trick you can pull off with the help of science. You’re going to make the vapor appear as if it’s a liquid while you’re pouring it out. Being successful in this will also prevent the vapor from rising as it would under normal circumstances, making it look liquid.

To do this, all you need to have is your Juul and a water bottle. Make sure the water bottle has some water frozen at the bottom for this to become successful. Take a deep breath and blow all the vapor into the bottle.

Be sure to slow down in doing blowing the vapor in. Being forceful or blowing it too fast will cause the air to push the vapor out before the ice can affect the properties of the vapor.

Keep the vapor in for a while and wait for it to settle in the bottom of the bottle. Then, pour it out and you’ll surprise everyone in the room with the mystical effect of the waterfall trick.

4. The Vapor Bubble

Doing the vapor bubble is a low-effort trick which you can use to impress your peers. This trick allows you to manipulate a huge bubble filled with vapor.

Doing this is simple: you only need to take a deep drag and have a large bubble wand at the ready. Be gentle in exhaling the vapor into the bubble to make sure it doesn’t burst before you can pull off the trick.

If you don’t have a bubble wand, you can come up with a makeshift one using a water bottle. All you need to do is open up the bottom to make an opening big enough to blow a bubble through. Using a small water bottle, in this case, makes it easy for you to form a bigger vape bubble faster.

5. The Tornado

The tornado is a trick that needs a specific device to perform. Often, pen mods are enough in attempting this.

You can also use Juuls, so long as you have the right specs for it. Learn what you need to know about Juuls to ensure you don’t damage them while performing tricks like the tornado.

To do it, make sure you have a flat surface prepared. Take a deep drag and blow it all on the surface. Keep in mind it has to be a thick cloud for this trick to work.

Next, you should place your hand by the surface of the cloud. Then, in a swift and sudden motion, flick your arm up. The pressure you make from the motion should cause the vapor to rise and spin.

6. The Smoke Ring

Smoke rings are the most popular trick you see people do today. They make it look hard, but doing it is easier than you think.

To do this, take a deep drag and let it sit at the back of your throat. Form an O-shape with your mouth to serve as a mold for the escaping vapor. Then, use your tongue to push out the vapor in quick pulses.

Keep note that you should have your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth at the beginning before you attempt making smoke rings. This ensures you don’t mess up the vapor in your mouth while you try to propel it forward.

Learn These Cool Vape Tricks Today

Check out and practice these cool vape tricks and impress your friends today. Finding your signature trick allows you to perfect it and even come up with variations of it. Choose one to practice now!

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