Treasure Hunt: A Fun Guide To Couponing And Online Deals For Beginners

a guide to online couponing picklee

Let’s be honest. It’s an undefeated feeling to pay for your shopping using coupons. It’s possible to seek out coupons and other discounts through a process called extreme couponing.

Extreme couponing is an effective method of saving money. Most people save thousands on groceries and other household staples using coupons.

The following guide to couponing will come a long way.

1. Automate Your Coupons

The internet enables individuals to cash in on coupons and deals by installing extensions. Such browsing extensions include Honey and Coupons at Checkout.

It’s advisable to coordinate with newsletters, and price comparison plug-ins to stay updated.

2. Make Maximum Use of Gift Cards

Gift cards are essential beyond holidays too. You can get gift cards for the cheap from people who value them less. The discount from the gift card nets you a store item at a reduced price.

3. You Can Get a Student Discount… Even If You Aren’t One

Student discounts are available for laptops, software, and office stationery. It’s possible to register your former .edu email address for long-standing discounts.

You may also apply with your school ID if you still hold it.

4. Guide to Couponing: Shop for Discounted Software

Did you know that you can get discounted versions of software? You can buy Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software from a local store for a discounted price. Cheaper software packages like Windows are also available on the internet.

It helps to connect with the software developers on social media for information about upcoming releases. There also free software versions which serve the purpose just as good premium software.

5. Get Organized

Organized couponing is enjoyable and less time-consuming. You should arrange your coupons using pockets and tables for convenient use.

Coupon sources include local papers, online shopping portals, and apps. A coupon binder works to match your coupon collection to the particulars in your shopping list. An app called Cartsmart may be used but not for all cases.

6. Collect as Many Coupons as You Can

Coupons can be found in various places depending on where you stay. The five most likely areas are;

• Shopping store notice boards

• Coupon websites like Dealwiki

• Store flyers

• Local newspaper

• Coupon apps

A computer and printer are necessary to begin extreme couponing. You should dedicate time in the day to collect coupons. The activity requires full concentration and no distractions.

7. Consider Cashback

Free cashback websites can also help you save money when you shop on, Amazon, Macy’s, and many other sites.

The process is as follows;

• Send the link to the online retailer so he can track your purchase

• Carry on with checkout and receive cash back on your shopping


The ultimate guide to couponing recommends buying only what you need. You should read and understand the terms and conditions of the coupons before checking out.

It’s advisable to seek contact with manufacturers of the utility products you prefer most. Couponing experts vouch that they’re likely to respond with appreciation discounts and coupons.

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