9 Things You NEED To Know Before Bringing Your Dog On A Plane

tips for flying with a dog

You’re having to go out of town to visit your parents. Ordinarily, this would be no problem but you can’t seem to find a sitter for your dog. You could put the little guy in a kennel while you’re gone but those can be expensive.

Guess it can’t be helped. You’ll have to take your dog with you. It’s their first plane ride though so you’re worried about it being too stressful for them.

You’re also worried about it being stressful for you considering you’ve never flown with a dog before. You’re not sure what steps you have to take to ensure your pup is able to get on with you.

Luckily for you, we know the secrets for stress-free traveling. Keep reading for our top tips for flying with a dog.

1. Make Sure They Are the Right Size

If your dog is more than 15 pounds you most likely won’t be able to have them in the cabin with you. Airlines are pretty strict with this. The only exception is service/therapy pups.

The dog and carrier have to be able to squeeze under the seat in front of you. Make sure you have a soft shell carrier that has the correct dimensions to fit. This is a surefire way to ensure your furry friend will fly comfortably.

2. They Need to Have the Right Temperament

Not all dogs have the right temperament for flying. If your dog is prone to anxiety, it may be best for the little guy if you leave them on the ground. You wouldn’t put yourself in a high-stress situation like that so you shouldn’t put your pup through it either.

The other thing to keep in mind is that many airlines require dogs to stay quiet during the duration of the flight. If you know your little one is a little chatty, it may be best to not put them on the plane.

3. Get a Carrier that They are Comfortable in

We hit a little bit on carriers earlier but we’re going to go back to it. Airlines have certain requirements when it comes to the size of the carrier. The standard for this is around 19 inches as a maximum.

If your dog can’t fit don’t try and force them to. Also, keep in mind that the dog’s carrier counts as your carry-on. This being said, it’s smart to get one that has pockets that way you can store your things in it.

4. Pack Everything They will Need

If you get a carrier with pockets you can pack your carry-on things in it but you shouldn’t forget about your furbaby. They have things that they need as well. For example, a non-spill water container so they won’t get thirsty.

Also, bringing along some of their favorite toys may cut back on their flight anxiety because it will keep them occupied.

5. Call Ahead

Many airlines only have a few spots available for pups. This is because they like to place them in the middle where there is the most room. There are only so many middle seats and they fill up fast.

This is why you need to call ahead to be sure there will be enough room for your dog to travel in the cabin with you.

6. Don’t Be Surprised by Extra Fees

Taking your dog on the airlines with you doesn’t come cheap. For the most part, you’ll pay an extra 100 dollars to bring them along. It’s wise to budget your entire trip before you factor in the dog.

If you have the extra cash, bring the dog. If you don’t, then you may come out cheaper by having someone you trust pup sit while you’re gone.

7. They’ll Need a Health Certificate

The airline may not require you to bring your dog’s health certificate but it’s better to be safe than come up empty later. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg and it will just show that the dog has had all its shots.

If you have any problems getting your little one to the vet to get this paperwork sites like www.atw.net can help you out.

8. Line Your Dog’s Carrier

You can take your dog out for seven walks before you take off but accidents happen. This is especially true when they are put in stressful situations such as flying.

To avoid the mess from escaping the carrier, line it with DryFur. It will rid the carrier of moisture and keep your pup comfortable even if it happens to pee. If you hear your dog whining because it needs to go, you can also carry it to the bathroom with a puppy pad.

9. Let Them Get Their Energy Out Before You Take Off

If your dog isn’t allowed to get out its energy before you go, it will be that much more antsy on the actual flight. You can handle this by taking your dog for a long walk and playing with it before you get on.

By burning out all of its energy, it’s more likely to sleep throughout the entire experience. No anxiety had.

Tips for Flying with a Dog that You Need to Know Before Heading Out

Do you need to go out of town and can’t find a pet sitter? You’ll have to bring your furry friend along for the flight. There are certain laws and regulations that you’ll have to follow but if you keep these tips for flying with a dog in mind, you’re sure to have an easier time with it.

Is your pup not the only one that gets stressed on a flight? Visit the Health+Well Being section of our blog for a few tips on staying calm.

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