Food and CBD: 7 Incredible Health Product Benefits

health product benefits

The legal cannabis industry has been steadily growing, with estimates suggesting that 283,422 jobs could be created by 2020.

Cannabis is an amazing and fascinating plant. Scientists believe that it contains more than 100 compounds known as cannabinoids. One of these essential compounds is Cannabidiol.

The compound is remarkably similar to THC, although it doesn’t have a psychoactive effect like THC. Because of this, people use CBD for many medicinal purposes.

The World Health Organization recognizes CBD as safe for both human and pets’ consumption. Its side effects are few, although many people don’t experience them when they take low doses.

There are endless health product benefits of CBD. Here is a quick look at the top seven well-supported benefits of this product.

1. Minimizes Cancer Effects

The term “cancer” is quite terrifying. This is perhaps due to how much it has become prevalent. Who doesn’t know someone who has or had cancer anyway?

Cancer treatments are harsh, and the adverse effects are also many when it comes to treating it. We all agree that the need for cancer cure today is more urgent that it was before.

According to the national cancer institute, more than 38 percent of the total population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Although there are many standard medications like surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, natural remedies are more effective.

CBD is believed to be one of those natural remedies. It is used to increase appetite in cancer patients. It also decreases pain and nausea to cancer patients after chemotherapy sessions.

Several studies have also proved that CBD reduces the growth of cancer cells. It also prevents the migration of cancer cells from the affected organ to the others. Lastly, CBD shrinks cancer cells and tumors, and thus alleviates its effects.

With these potential benefits of CBD, this natural drug could be an integral part of cancer treatments in the future.

2. Improves Sleep

At least 10 percent of adults struggle with chronic insomnia. Sleep disorders come in many sizes and shapes. However, in all cases, the victim lacks a regular sleep pattern.

Most insomnia cases can last for more than six weeks, and this leaves the person stressed. Although there are conventional sleep aids, they are habit forming and have adverse side effects.

The main effects are dizziness, loss of balance, digestive issues, and shaking. Others also result in impairment upon walking, addiction, and much more.

CBD shows promising effects on insomnia. It provides relief for all sleep disorders. For instance, it helps in excessive daytime sleepiness, PTSD nightmares, REM sleep behavior disorder. It also improves sleep to people who lack sleep due to chronic pains.

CBD is a safe and natural remedy for reducing sleep. Its compounds interact well with the nervous system, and especially when taken in the right doses. This helps the pet or the person to reduce anxiety, and thus get adequate sleep.

Lack of quality sleep leads to tiresome days, and this interferes with the regular body functioning. We make altering mistakes everyday on work and even jobs that lead to fatalities. However, in the medical field, lack of enough sleep is one of the main contributors of deaths in the U.S.

3. Reduces Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Chronic pains come in many forms. Also, the pain affects people in different ways. Many people suffer in silence, making them avoid several daily activities.

Research shows that 11percent of the world’s total population suffers from chronic pain, which affects their day to day activities. In many cases, the pain is accompanied or worsened by inflammation.

CBD reduces chronic inflammation and pain to both humans and dogs. It provides immediate relief, without the negative impacts associated with the over the counter medications.

According to scientists, CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system. Its compounds also have active properties which fight against swelling and stiffness. They have strong anti-inflammatory effects which activate the victim’s receptors to ease the pain.

The endocannabinoid system is made of receptors and enzymes which occur in the body. The system has many functions, although the main one is the inflammatory response management.

4. Reduces Anxiety and Improves Mental Health

Nearly 18 percent of the adult population in the U.S. suffers from anxiety disorders. Anxiety is the main type of mental disorder.

It comes in many forms, which include phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to stand-alone disorders, anxiety accompanies other medical conditions.

Anxiety is debilitating and can make simple tasks look very complicated. It has many traditional treatments which have severe side effects. In many cases, the effects worsen the situation.

The side effects range from weight gain to depression. Due to the extreme side effects, it’s only 36.9 percent of the victims who receive anxiety medications.

CBD oil is a reliable natural remedy for mental disorders. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and impacts the brain receptors. This lessens the anxiety and all other conditions related to it. As a result, the pet or person lives a healthy life without dealing with the constraints of anxiety.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular problems range from long term conditions such as arrhythmias and valve problems to a life-changing condition such as heart attacks and strokes.

The number of people getting heart diseases has been rapidly increasing over the years. Each year, more than 630,000 people in the United States succumb to heart-related diseases. It affects both men and women equally.

Pets too, and mostly dogs, suffer from cardiovascular attacks. The numbers are quite staggering. Although most people are still learning how to avoid heart diseases, we still need to find ways to deal with the cases.

CBD contains anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent heart diseases.

According to the national institute of health, CBD works directly on the isolated arteries. This improves relaxation and also reduces negative stress responses.

Other studies have also shown that CBD for dogs has the ability to regulate hypertension potentially. It can also reduce cardiac arrhythmias, and reduce diabetic cardiomyopathy.

Doctors have also proven that it prevents further attacks to heart failure patients. Besides, CBD helps in treating and coating all cardiovascular risk factors. These include stress, diabetes, smoking, anxiety, and much more.

6. Manages Nausea and Appetite

Loss of appetite and nausea are caused by many things. They could appear as side effects, or come along with other diseases.

Both conditions make it impossible for the victim to feed as required, and this reduces the amount of nutrients in the body. It also increases the suffering when the patient has an underlying condition.

Nowadays, there are many drugs which promise to boost appetite. Most of them are efficient, but they only increase appetite for the first few days only.

Others have adverse effects. This is the main reason why most people are turning towards the traditional and natural methods of treatment.

Back then, in the 1970s before the introduction of anti-nausea medications, CBD was used as an anti-vomiting drug. The drug was, however, paused to pave the way for modern medicines. However, things started to change again recently.

A study published in the British journal of pharmacology states that CBD is an active anti-vomiting agent. According to the study, the drug is effective for both adults and small children.

CBD works on the same receptors similarly to the over the counter drugs. However, it is considered effective because it does not contain chemicals, and it has less or no side effects.

7. Cures Arthritis

Arthritis is a major health concern. As a conservative estimate, more than 54 million adults and 300,000 children have been diagnosed by doctors. The number for those who suffer in silence at home is higher.

This means that almost a quarter of the U.S. population is suffering from swelling, pain, and other effects associated with arthritis.

Furthermore, the number is expected to grow. According to the CDC, over 78 million adults will have been diagnosed with arthritis by 2040.

The current arthritis medications are associated with many adverse side effects. The main ones include hair loss, cardiovascular effects, and digestive issues. The patients may also experience breathing difficulties and elevated blood sugar levels.

Luckily, CBD oil provides an alternative solution to arthritis. As earlier mentioned, CBD has the ability to get rid of inflammation. This reduces swelling and pain associated with arthritis.

The wonder drug also reduces the effects of this debilitating disease. These include chronic pain, cardiovascular damage, and much more.

CBD Has Many Health Product Benefits

As discussed above, CBD can help you manage many health conditions. Most of its health product benefits are based on the fact that it is natural, and shows no side effects when used in the right dosage.

It’s, however, a good idea to consult a doctor before you take it. This is because it’s not fit for some individuals. For instance, pregnant women, small children, and the aged should take smaller amounts compared to other people.

Additionally, some drugs interact with CBD, and thus, the doctor must first advise you if you are on other medications.

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