10 Candidates for Best Mattress 2019: Online Category

best mattress 2019

Americans hate mattress shopping.

Most Americans bemoan the destruction of consumer institutions by the internet. Think malls or personal letters.

But one institution that Americans won’t be long to see go is Mattress Firm. The ubiquitous commercial real estate tenant filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and started massive scale back in October.

People want to shop for the best mattress 2019 has to offer online. It’s just that simple.

Instead of risking communicable insect infections or lying on crinkly mattress covers, you can go online and whittle down your choices to what you exactly need.

Here, I’ve put together some candidates for the best mattresses in 2019.

Before we get to mattresses, we need to admit much of what makes a good mattress is subjective. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. Tell me what’s up in the comments. I will be looking at queen mattress specs: 60 by 80 inches.

1. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress hits a lot of the high points for the modern mattress shopper.

It’s a mid-entry level mattress. The medium firm gel memory foam cools and comes in every mattress size from twin to California king.

Also, it has an industry-leading trial (365 days) and warranty (lifetime limited warranty). Read more on those finer points.

A queen-size mattress for this model is 11 inches thick and weighs 74 pounds.

2. Leesa Hybrid Mattress

A luxury entry on this list of mattresses, the Leesa Hybrid is in the minority of direct-to-consumer mattresses available online. The foam and pocket spring combo make this bed medium firm. And the price puts it away from most of the wildly popular mattresses.

The trial lasts 365 days. The mattress also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The queen is 15 inches thick and is 109 pounds.

3. The Puffy Mattress

This three-layer memory foam mattress is one of the newer entries into the mattress foray. And as the name suggests, the mattress focuses on an airy, floating feeling for sleepers.

It offers a medium firm, combo foam experience with a 101-day trial and a limited lifetime warranty.

The queen model is 10 inches thick and 72 pounds.

4. The Casper Essential

There are many ways to argue which company was the first to vacuum package a mattress and roll it up in a box. But you can’t argue that Casper made it a thing.

One of the largest competitors out there, the Casper mattress is the safest bet in mattress. Its Essential mattress is repeatedly lauded for quality that exceeds its budget price point.

The Casper mattress is a multi-foam mattress with different firmness zones. It comes with a 100-day trial and 10-year limited warranty.

The queen is 8.5 inches thick and weighs 63 pounds.

5. The Allswell Hybrid

This mattress is made and marketed by Walmart and is a major player in the budget market. Like the Casper, it is lauded for punching above its weight class.

The medium firm mattress uses pocket coils and foam with a gel memory foam topper. Warranty and trial are fairly standard: 10-year limited warranty and 100 day trial.

The queen comes in at 11 inches thick and weighs 78 pounds.

6. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

Of course, there is an Amazon entry here. This mattress allows for some variation in specifications, allowing more variety to customers.

The soft three-layer memory foam mattress comes in at a 12-inch thickness standard — also listed: an 8-inch and 10-inch option.

Standard Amazon returns policy applies. The 1-year limited warranty for the 64-pound mattress is the weakest coverage option on this list.

7. The Ghostbed

This medium firm combination foam mattress markets “supernatural comfort.” Ba dum tiss!

The 11-inch thick , 85-pound mattress gets accolades as one of the coolest mattresses on the market. That’s probably another lame marketing joke. Literally, users and reviewers comment on the gel memory foam’s topper ability to keep even hot (by temperature I mean) sleepers cool.

The 100-night trial pretty much lines up with the industry. But the 20-year warranty stands out of the pack.

8. Layla Sleep

This is a two-in-one mattress.

One side is firm the flip-side (again, literally) is soft. This is marketed as one of the best flippable mattresses out there. Many reviews bare that out as well.

The 70-pound combination foam mattress has a 120-day trial — that’s better than average. Also has a limited lifetime warranty.

A unique feature here: the 10-inch mattress’ copper-infused fibers make it more durable than others and also prevents most bacteria or other micro growth. This means no used mattress stink!

9. The T&N Mattress

This is Tuft and Needle’s flagship bed. A hot upstart indirect-to-consumer mattresses.

The 80-pound, 10-inches thick mattress adopts a flat, unassuming “bed in a box” approach. The medium-firm mattress stands up more to those laying on it but gives the usual 100-day trial. A 10-year limited warranty rounds out the offer.

The mattress firmness does well for keeping movement in and out of the bed quiet. Although, one review did note that the nonresponsiveness of the bed made intimacy more difficult.

10. The Pod by Eight Sleep

This is the smartest entry on the list. And while it’s not the cheapest here, it is definitely not the most expensive.

The 10-inch, medium firm mattress offers an array of sensors that track your sleep. It also connects to a “hub” that helps regulate the heat of the mattress as the sleeper. The hub also connects to wireless internet signals and a moble app for the mattress user.

The gel and foam mattress weighs in at 80 pounds.

The warranty and trial for this medium firm bed lines up with the industry standard: 10-year limited and 100-day trial.

In or out of Bed, Make Home Yours

A mattress is just part of your bedroom, your home’s sanctuary. As important as it is, a mattress’ usefulness lies in its use, not its looks. To fit it in with your zen space, hit up the links above to see how I can help you bring it all together.

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