Beat The Summer Heat: 7 Indoor Craft Projects You Can Do as a Family

Indoor Craft Projects

When the summer heat is hitting you hard, you start looking around for indoor activities. There is only so much 80 degrees and upwards weather you can take.

Indoor craft projects are a great way to beat the heat. Television and video games don’t have to be the only things kids do when they are inside.

Continue reading this article to learn more about what to do on a hot Summer day.

The Best Indoor Craft Projects When Avoiding the Heat

You’ve thought ahead and made sure your new AC installation was in place well before the hot months hit. You don’t have to worry about burning up in the house, but what about boredom?

These crafts will help you when you’re drawing a blank.

1. It’s Slime Time

You can find so many slime recipes on Youtube. There are even no glue slime recipes if you don’t want to run out and buy a massive bottle of Elmer’s.

Kids can’t get enough of the gooey, squishy. Moms will be glad if they put out plastic around the slime area in case of any drops.

2. Handprint Art

We’ve all seen the Thanksgiving turkey hand, but there is so much more you can do with your handprint art.

Why not try the dinosaur or ice cream cone out of a handprint?

3. Cardboard Box House

Whether you’re making a house for your kids or their dolls, boxes are an all-time favorite. Buy them something big, and they end up playing with the box.

Grab some markers and draw furniture or use stickers to decorate their new abode.

4. Activity Dice

Creating your own game is a good way to get kids excited about a craft. With activity dice, you’ll have different people places or things on one of the dice and on the other, you’ll have something like “act like, make a noise like” etc. For instance, you might roll the two dice, and it would say “make a noise like an elephant.”

5. Costume Time

Create your own costumes and act out your favorite movies. There are plenty of things around the house you can turn into a cape or just grab some face paint and transform that way.

6. Rocket Ship

All you need for a rocket ship is some construction paper, glue, and scissors. Cut out the shapes you need and piece them together for a fun game of space invaders.

You can also decorate the ship before you piece everything together to make it extra fun.

7. Time to Go Camping

While it might be too hot to camp outside, you can have campfire fun inside. Grab some chairs and sheets to make a tent.

Don’t forget the smores. You can make them in the microwave, or you might even get one of the fancy indoor smores makers.

Need More Baby & Kid Craft Ideas?

If you’re an avid indoor craft projects fan, it is easy to run through them. Don’t worry about that because we have more ideas for you. Read our blog posts on kids and baby crafts you can start on today.

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