The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Pocket Watch

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Are you interested in vintage accessories? Want to know how to wear a pocket watch without looking out-of-style? We’ve got you covered.

You may want to get into the steampunk subculture. When you look at your future self in casual wear, you may not see how a pocket watch fits the attire.

If you read on, we’ll tell you how you can get a pocket watch that matches any attire and more.

1. Reasons to Wear a Pocket Watch

Most people assume pocket watches are an accessory of the past. Yet, some companies still create pocket watches with modern design.

Wearing a pocket watch can enhance how others perceive you. Pocket watches give the wearer a flair of elegance. They also give the wearer an interesting distinction.

They aren’t as popular anymore as they were before the 20th century. Still, many history-lovers like to wear them. Others wear them as a fashion piece, like James Dean and Johnny Depp.

Pocket watches are also perfect for people who need to bare their wrists at work. For workers with laborious tasks that could destroy wristwatches, pocket watches may suit them better.

While you may not have suspected pocket watches to continue to survive in the digital era, many are still using them for function and fashion.

2. When Buying a Pocket Watch

Few people use pocket watches these days. Wristwatches are more convenient since you can look at the time with a turn of the wrist and a glance. Pocket watches take up much more effort to check time.

Still, they present a unique fashion statement. If you got one as an heirloom, you may as well use it. If you want to buy one, we’ll show you how in this section.

As you look around for a perfect pocket watch for you, consider a few things. Consider the design, how old or new you watch is, as well as the price range that suits your budget. Also, consider if you want a fob or a clip on the end of the chain.

When you consider its design, you have to make sure that it will fit most of your outfits. The popular material for modern buyers is silver but you can also choose from brass, gold, and steel. Selecting the right design for you will take time so don’t rush it.

When you look for a new pocket watch, it has the advantage of a warranty and working for a longer time.

Older pocket watches have more variety with antique designs and motifs.

Price-wise, newer pocket watches can be more expensive, but so can be the used collection pieces.

Have you noticed the smaller pockets in your pants pockets? Did you know that these small pockets were first designed for pocket watches? Now, most people use them to keep spare change in.

3. Wear It with Different Fashion Pieces

If you’re looking for how to wear pocket watches with all kinds of clothes, look no further. This page should have all you need. From the traditional look to modern combinations, we’ve got you.

Before we go further, take note of your dominant hand. The pocket in which you place your watch should be on the opposite side of it. Draw your pocket watch with your non-dominant hand.

Pocket Watch with Vest

We’ll start on the classic look: wearing your pocket watch with a vest. The way you wear the chain is to pass the fob through a button hole and drape it in the opposite pocket.

This is a popular style that allows you to display your pocket watch chain.

Pocket Watch with Jeans

For a casual look, clip the chain to a belt loop, waistline, or the top of a pocket. Insert the watch in the tiny pocket often found in the right-side pocket. For this distance, your pocket watch should have a large, clear face.

If you want to make reading your pocket watch easier, get a longer chain. Clip your chain around the knot of tie pants or put a lace through a fob before you tie it. This also works with shorts and other similar garments.

Pocket Watches for Kids

Got your kid a historic timepiece? It’s a more interesting way for them to learn time-keeping. Have them wear it in the same way any adult would wear a pocket watch.

Most pocket watches for kids have colorful or character-themed designs. This way, the watches serve their function while being appealing to kids. For cub scouts, you can clip the chain under the neckerchief slide, keep the watch in the front pocket, and leave the chain draped over the cub scout patches.

Other Ways to Wear a Pocket Watch

For a feminine appeal, wear the watch around the neck instead. Replace the chain with a long necklace chain or ribbon. Use a long ribbon so you have less difficulty in reading the time.

For overalls, wrap the fob around one of the top buttons and keep the watch in a front bib pocket. This works for work clothes. You can create a retro look with a newsboy cap, chunky construction boots, and loose-fit work shirt.

Do you dress up in steampunk or cosplay? Add a pocket watch to give your costume a theatrical flair. After all, pocket watches are a bold statement and thus are great to use for themed outfits and events.

4. Maintaining Your Pocket Watch

Pocket watches make for great gifts for grandparents. They’re also the people you could go to for maintaining a pocket watch you got as an heirloom. If they don’t know how to maintain it, we’ll tell you how.

You need to wind mechanical pocket watches so they keep time well. Most old pocket watches run between 24 to 28 hours before they need another winding. Modern ones can last 36 to 48 hours before you need to wind them.

Use a dry microfiber cloth to lift skin oil and dirt from the surfaces of your watch. Focus on cleaning hinges since gunk tends to gather here. Buff the watch with the cloth so the metal stays clean.

Buff up your watch with a polish that works with the material of your watch. If it has grooved etching or engraving, use cotton swabs to polish them. Use lint-free cloth like microfiber for this process.

Always check your chain and clip or fob for sturdiness and security. If your watch breaks, take them to a repair shop. Heirloom watches may break more often but you can still use them as accessories.

Keep Time with Style

That’s our guide on wearing a pocket watch. Now you can put that heirloom pocket watch to use. Looking at a pocket watch may take some getting used to if you’re used to wristwatches.

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