Ancient Astrology: Everything You Need to Know About the Zodiacs

ancient astrology

According to Gallup polls from various countries including the US, approximately 25% of adults believe in horoscopes.

How about you?

Believe it or not, astrology is an ancient practice with a history spanning thousands of years. It relies on interpreting the movements of the stars in relation to our planet.

Whether you believe in zodiacs or not, studying ancient astrology and finding your zodiac sign, for example, can be a fascinating experience.

Most people find a lot of interesting stuff about themselves by studying astrology, including who they are compatible with!

If that sparked your interest, keep reading to find out more!

10 Facts About Ancient Astrology 

It is believed that astrology started as a practice approximately 4,000 years ago. Astrological teachings were passed from generation to generation and they have been continuously refined.

Here are the most important facts about ancient astrology:

1. The Babylonians “Invented” Astrology

The Babylonians were a great civilization back then. They followed the movements of the stars and came up with theories and predictions, kickstarting astrology as a discipline.

Later on, the Greeks loved the idea of interpreting star movements and constellations. They borrowed some ideas from the Babylonians and came up with their own astrological practices.

2. Berossus Introduced Egyptians to Astrology

Berossus was a popular priest from Babylon. He traveled around the world and in 280 BC, he settled in a Greek island called Kos.

Here’s where Berossus started to teach astrology to the inhabitants of the island. The Greeks living here loved the idea and they subsequently transferred these teachings to the Egyptians who were ruled by the Greeks back then,

3. Ptolemy Has Set The Foundation of Astrology

Ptolemy was a Greek mathematician and astronomer. He was the first one who arranged the signs of the zodiacs, created “Houses” and gave meaning to planets and other celestial bodies.

A lot of today’s astrological knowledge dates back from Ptolemy’s writings from around 200 AD.

4. Your Sign Is Compatible With Other Zodiac Signs

Believe it or not, all zodiac signs are compatible with certain other signs and have a greater probability to form a stable romantic relationship.

For example, the Taurus sign is more compatible with Virgo and Pisces. This means that if you’re a Taurus, you should look for a partner in the Virgo or Pisces sign because that’s your highest zodiacal compatibility.

This doesn’t mean that you will never be able to form relationships with other zodiacal signs, but you’re more inclined to enjoy a better relationship with people who are Virgo or Pisces.

If you’re looking to find a partner, knowing your compatible signs helps you narrow down the list of people you should have cocktails with.

5. The Sun Determines Your Zodiacal Sign

You cannot simply choose your sign, this is determined automatically depending on where the Sun was in relation to the Earth when you were born.

For example, when the sun is in the Taurus sign (from 20 April until 20 May), all people born in this timeframe have the Taurus zodiacal sign.

6. There Are 4 Elements Influencing The 12 Zodiacal Signs

These elements are water, fire, air, and earth.

Each element influences three zodiacal signs. For example, Pisces and Scorpio are water signs. Taurus and Virgo are earth signs. Leo and Aries are fire signs, etc.

It’s important to know the element of your sign because it has a great influence on your personality.

For example, people born with the Taurus sign have the earth element associated with them. They are known to be “down-to-earth” people, always calculated and realistic.

On the other hand, people born with the Pisces sign have the water element associated with them. They are known to be “mellow” people, passive and undisturbed like the water in a pond.

7. You Can Be A Professional Astrologist

Contrary to popular belief, you can be a professional astrologist in the US.

At the moment of this writing, there are nearly 7,000 professional astrologists who can decipher your future based on your zodiacal sign.

These people have extensive knowledge when it comes to ancient astrology, how to interpret the movements of the stars, who you are compatible with, etc.

8. Dorotheus of Sidon Was An Important Ancient Astrologist

Numerous astrologists shaped this discipline and refined it with the passing of years.

Some of the most important figures in ancient astrology were Antiochus of Athens and Dorotheus of Sidon.

Dorotheus was known for a written work called Pentateuch. This book described the practice of Greek astrology back in the days. Dorotheus lived in Alexandria just like Ptolemy and he was greatly respected for the accuracy of his writings.

The Pentateuch is a notable ancient textbook because it greatly influenced the way other civilizations learned and practiced astrology such as the Persians, Arabs and more.

9. Each Zodiacal Sign Has Ruling Planet

Just like each sign has an associated element, a ruling planet also influences the zodiacal signs and makes them unique in nature.

For example, the Aries sign is ruled by Mars which is known to be the planet of war by the ancient Romans.

The Gemini sign is ruled by the planet Mercury which is a fire planet with deep historical significance. The Leo sign is ruled by the Sun which is the primary celestial body in the sky.

Knowing your ruling planet gives you more information about your overall personality, your preferences in life and possibly your weak traits as well.

10. The Moon Might Affect Your Mood

The moon is known for creating tidal waves in oceans.

It has a deep influence on water. Since we as human beings are made mostly from water, the moon might also have an influence on our emotions and feelings.

For example, people’s moods are shifting during the full moon. Some cannot sleep while others are overly emotional.

Pay attention to how you feel during a full moon and see if you are influenced by it. Most astrologers agree that the moon is more than just an object in the night sky. They are convinced that its motions can dictate thought patterns and feelings.

Learn More About Ancient Astrology Today!

These are just the basics when it comes to ancient astrology.

By now you’re probably curious about what the stars have planned for you this year! You can find that out by reading our predictions for 2019 for every zodiacal sign.

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