Looking for Family Fun?: 5 Things to Do in Milwaukee With the Kids

things to do in milwaukee

Taking a family vacation to Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

You most likely want to skip the infamous breweries with the kids. But, this city offers a rich diversity of culture and excitement!

You will find all sorts of family things to do in Milwaukee! The kiddos will love it here if you know how to plan this trip.

5 Things to Do in Milwaukee with the Family

You will never run out of fun things to do in Wisconsin. Find cool experiences that won’t break your family’s budget. Keep reading to learn how to keep busy with the kids on your trip to Milwaukee.

1. Break Out at Breakout

Does your family love mysteries? Check out one of the awesome escape room adventures at Breakout!

Try a Museum Heist Escape Room! This adventure drops you into the role of former art bandits hired by a museum to break priceless artwork out of the house of the thief that took it.

If you want to thrill your teenagers, get a little braver and check out the Mystery Mansion Escape Room. Race the clock to reveal the secrets of a haunted mansion once owned by a strange family.

The escape only takes about an hour of your day. But the excitement will last much longer and give you a ton to talk about over dinner!

2. Explore the Domes

If you’re looking for things to do in Milwaukee today, do not miss out on seeing the domes at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. Conservation never looked so cool!

Three 7 story tall domes the size of football fields allows you to experience different climates up close and personal! Explore them to find a variety of plants and wildlife native to that particular landscape.

Your family will leave with a little more appreciation of our wonderful world. Plus, it offers an awesome background for a family photo!

3. Discover Science

While trying to think of things to do in Milwaukee this weekend, add the Discovery World Center for Public Innovation to your itinerary! You will discover science at one of the highest tech centers in the country.

This center doubles as an awesome aquarium. Let your kids experience life hands-on by touching live sharks and stingrays!

They will also love the flight simulator! Each exhibit offers a unique learning experience.

4. Get Wild

Everybody loves a day at the zoo. However, the Milwaukee County Zoo offers a wilder experience than most.

They offer exhibits with over 2,000 species of wildlife from all over the world! Some of them you can experience a  hands-on encounter with. You can even take your adventure a step further with the ropes course and zip lines!

5. Go Public

Every vacation requires a little shop stop. However, the mall won’t tell you what city you’re in.

Check out the Milwaukee public market with your family! You will find everything there, including the culture of Milwaukee.

This market often hosts live music and festivals. Plus you will find a unique selection of memorabilia to take home from your trip.

Visit Milwaukee

You will find so many things to do in Milwaukee with your family. You and the kids will love the mix of exciting educational experiences.

Wherever you choose to go, traveling as a family will strengthen your bond as you experience new places together. Parenthood will keep you busy, so look to our site for motherhood tips!

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