Cut The Cable: Top Ways to Watch TV Without a Cable Subscription

how to watch tv without cable

Cable subscriptions seem to be getting more and more expensive.

This leads to viewers transitioning to alternative options.

As online streaming and other alternative TV viewing options become more popular, cable companies are forced to raise their prices to keep their numbers up. However, this only serves to push more subscribers away.

As a viewer, this is not your problem. Your problem getting access to the shows you like without paying a fortune.

It’s not your responsibility to pay overpriced subscriptions to keep out-dated services in business.

Therefore, let’s discuss how to watch TV without cable!

Paid Streaming Services

Paid online streaming services are the most popular solution of how to watch TV without cable. They come with a plethora of benefits and only a few cons.

On the positive side, these services are on-demand. You can watch whatever you want whenever you want. Additionally, you can pause, stop, restart and fast forward. Finally, there are no commercials!

On the negative side, however, while these services are constantly updating their inventory, it still can feel somewhat limited. Basically, you get what’s on there, period.

Also, you can be in the middle of a series during their inventory refresh, and suddenly, your show isn’t there anymore. Finally, these services require internet access, so there is a cost involved in that.

But let’s be honest, if you don’t already have internet access, you’ve got bigger problems than cable subscriptions.


Netflix is one of the most well-known streaming services. They offer a wide variety of TV series and movies. And, starting at $8.99 a month, the price is fantastic.

They generally offer all seasons of TV series that are available, although not always. Additionally, Netflix has a whole host of original series and movies that you can’t get anywhere else.

Smart TVs generally come with a Netflix app already built in, so TV viewing is easier than ever before.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is one of the leading names on the internet. You can use it for buying everything at a lower cost, from laptops to toilet paper. Amazon is pretty much a one-stop shop.

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, along with free shipping from Amazon, you also get access to TV shows and movies. Amazon Video also boasts its fair share of original series and movies.

Most feel that Amazon’s inventory is not as impressive or satisfying as Netflix, but at just $10 a month plus all the extra benefits like free shipping on all Amazon Prime products, it’s quite the deal.


A newer and equally impressive competitor in the world of online video streaming is Hulu. Hulu comes in at just $7.99 a month for a basic package, making it the cheapest. However, this package does have limited commercials.

However, setting Hulu apart is it’s live TV package, giving you access to more than 50 channels. However, you will pay for it. At $39.99, it starts to look a little like a cable subscription.

Although, it does include all of the on-demand shows and movies that cable doesn’t offer.

Unpaid Streaming Services

With the exception of what you’re paying for your internet, there are free streaming services online. Some of them are on demand, while others are like regular TV or cable.

However, because they are free, they have to make their money somewhere. That “somewhere” is commercials. And sometimes, the commercials are so frequent you forget what you’re actually watching.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion is a website that hosts a wide variety of videos. They have everything from current news and politics, music videos, pop-culture, movies, and TV.

And it’s free! But again, you pay for it with time. Time watching commercials. In fact, this website has been known to plug a commercial at least every five minutes during a show.

The upside, however, is that you can find almost anything on their site.

The quality can sometimes be poor, but sometimes you have multiple options. Additionally, some questionable “suggestion” videos pop up from their site are unsuitable at best for children.

Local and Cable Channel Websites

Depending on the channel, both local and cable channel websites have streaming options for their TV shows. However, there is a window of time you can watch.

They do this very kindly for people who miss their favorite shows for one reason or another. However, they also don’t want to give away the farm, so they limit access.

TV Antennas

Another solution for how to watch TV without cable is going modern old-school.

TV antennas are not necessarily a thing of the past. In fact, some of the digital antennas give you better sound and picture than cable or satellite competitors.

However, there’s no doubt that you will be limited, as antennas only pickup broadcast channels.

But you can’t beat free TV!

Additionally, higher quality antennas with superior range can give you access to more channels than you might think possible.

Finally, many of the antenna companies will not only install your antenna but will even mount your TV on the wall for you!

A TV wall-mount installation cost will vary based on logistics. However, professionally mounted TVs are safer, placed at better viewing angles, and are generally done much cleaner and prettier.


This one might be a stretch for some of the younger readers out there, but your local library can be a fantastic source for free TV shows and movies!

However, you will be required to get a library card (free) and transportation to get there. Additionally, you will be limited on choices and how much you can take on a single visit.

However, if saving money is your game, you can’t beat free!

Want to Know How to Watch TV Without Cable? Take Your Pick

Good news!

If you’re tired of paying extravagant prices and wondering how to watch TV without cable, you’ve got options!

Whether at a family movie night with everyone on the couch chowing down some delicious snacks, or killing time during a long flight, we all love TV shows and movies!

Fortunately, right now the world seems to be catering to us, you have unlimited choices!

Happy viewing!

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