10 Cool Tech Gadgets Your Whole Family Will Love

10 cool tech family gadgets
If you want to turn your ordinary home into a smart home, check out these cool tech gadgets your whole family will be able to enjoy.

10 cool tech family gadgets

42% of Americans are no longer spending dinner time with their families. They are eating alone.

It’s no secret. Families are becoming more separated as time goes on. Between trying to find a common interest that everyone could enjoy and synchronizing everyone’s schedule – family time is becoming harder and harder.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with the perfect solution. Because the modern family is all about the newest technology – we’ve put together the perfect list to turn your ordinary home into a smart home. Check out our list of 10 cool tech gadgets that are bound to bring the family together.

1. High Definition Camera

A high definition camera is first on the list of cool tech gadgets. Because it seems like everyone nowadays is good at capturing memorable moments with their families – a high definition is a total must.

Between recording awesome videos and taking candid videos, you’re able to put together picture collages and video memories that you can play over and over again during the holidays.

2. Amazon Echo

“Google. Tell us what’s next on the list of cool tech gadgets!”

The Amazon Echo is a must have for the family! With the rise of smart homes and technology, you’re able to tell this portable speaker to play your favorite song, turn on the lights, and/or make a call. From audio systems to security – smart homes are effortlessly taking over the real estate market. Because gadgets like the Amazon Echo are able to be controlled remotely- it’s total must-have for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Virtual Reality Goggles

As technology continues to advance, virtual reality is becoming more popular among family and friends. So why not invest in virtual reality goggles? From cool video games to educational videos – virtual reality goggles are one of the cool tech gadgets perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

4. Bluetooth Beanie

With winter season is officially on its way- why not invest in a Bluetooth beanie?

Listen to your favorite music hands-free and warm with one of this innovative headpiece. Sold in places like Amazon, a Bluetooth beanie is perfect for the music-loving family members who are just trying to stay warm during the cold months.

5. Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Camera

Cameras are the perfect gadget to bring families together. Recently, FujiFilm, a well-known brand known for capturing memorable moments, has released their INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera. Similar to Polaroid, this camera prints instant vintage-esque pictures to create the perfect memories for you and the family.

6. Fire 7 Tablet With Alexa

When it comes to cool tech gadgets, Amazon is effortlessly man-handling the market. Their Fire tablets are not only great for watching movies, but they come integrated with Alexa technology, a voice-controlled system that obeys you’re every command.

Going on a road trip? Bring the Alexa tablet with you! The kids will be able to enjoy everything from movies on Netflix to downloadable games on Google Play.

7. Waterproof Digital Camera

Companies such as HTC, manufacture cool tech gadgets such as a waterproof digital camera. Planning an exotic vacation with your spouse? Take one-of-a-kind videos underwater. Thinking about a cool family vacation? Flick it up underwater and take memorable pictures for the annual family calendar.

Depending on which one you get, waterproof cameras usually come equipped with WiFi – so you don’t have to worry about connecting it to a computer in order to retrieve the images.

8. Nest Hello Doorbell

Say goodbye to uninvited visitors with Nest Hello Doorbell.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been there. Just when we get comfortable in bed, the doorbell rings out of nowhere are we’re left wondering who it is. Fortunately, the Nest Hello Doorbell allows you to check who is at the door at the comfort of wherever you are.

Because it comes equipped with a built-in HD camera and microphone, you can see who’s at your door and talk to whoever is knocking – even if you’re not home!

9. Curved TV

Watching TV is a great way to spend time with the family. But one of the most inconvenient things you can experience is dealing with TV glares. While the whole family is trying to enjoy the show – you have to continue finding the sweet spot in order to ensure high-quality picture.

Fortunately, companies like Samsung have completely renovated the flat screen. Even though it looks sort of funky, the curved TV tremendously minimizes glare so that you’re able to enjoy your favorite show with no problem.

10. IPTV

Want to watch different shows, but they’re all in different networks? Not a problem! IPTV Service has over 6000 live channels and 4000 movies that you’re able to stream from your computer, laptop, and/or tablet.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars annually on cable in order to acquire channels for the whole family, you are able to invest in IPTV. In addition to watching your favorite shows live, you’re able to access IPTV’s customer service line 24 hours a day 7 days a week if there are any questions or inquiries you might have.

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