The Cheapest Way to Move Your Family Across the Country

how to move across the country on a budget
Moving to the other side of the country as a family should be exciting, not stressful. We’ll show you how to move across the country without spending a fortune.

how to move across the country on a budget

Do you have a cross-country move coming up? Do you want to stay sane on the journey and limit your risk of “accidentally” leaving one of your children at a gas station in Wichita?

You may not be able to completely eliminate the stress that comes with a cross-country move.

But, there are a lot of things you can do make the process more enjoyable, including staying on top of your budget so you don’t go bankrupt along the way.

Read on for some tips that will help you figure out how to move across the country in the most affordable way possible.

Setting Your Moving Budget

Before you start thinking about ways to save money on your move, you’ll need to first establish your moving budget.

Calculate the approximate cost of your move. Some expenses you’ll need to factor in include:

  • Moving company
  • Insurance
  • Extra costs for moving large items like pianos or pool tables
  • Claims and damage costs
  • Gas
  • Lodging and meals along the way
  • Pet care

Don’t forget to also think about things like moving supplies and the cost of hiring a cheap car shipping company.

On average, a cross-country move is going to set you back a couple thousand dollars. But, by making some strategic cuts, you can significantly lower the price and make your move more affordable.

How to Move Across the Country on a Budget

When it comes to moving across the country, these strategies can help you save a lot of money and minimize your stress:

Purge Your House Before You Go

Dedicate some time to decluttering your home and get rid of anything you don’t want to take with you. Consider having a yard sale afterward to earn extra cash.

Get Free Boxes

Paying for boxes is a total waste when you have grocery stores, liquor stores, schools, and listings on sites like Craigslist. Take advantage of these resources to get most, if not all, of your boxes for free.

Move During the Off-Season

If possible, time your move so it takes place outside of peak moving season (between Memorial Day and Labor Day)

Rent a Truck or Trailer

Hiring movers can be incredibly expensive. Renting a truck or trailer and hauling your belongings yourself will help you save a lot of cash

Ask for Help

Finally, don’t be shy about enlisting the help of friends and family.

It’s true that nobody particularly enjoys moving. But, as long as you give them plenty of notice and express your gratitude as much as possible, you’ll surely find at least a few people who are willing to pitch in.

After the Move

Keep these tips on how to move across the country on a budget in mind and you’ll have plenty of cash leftover when you get to your new home.

As a reward for sticking to your budget during the move and not leaving any of your kids behind, treat yourself to some great new home decorations once you’ve arrived.

Not sure how to decorate your new house? Check out our design inspiration articles today for tons of ideas that will fit any style.

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