7 Great Ideas for Packaging for Baked Goods

7 ideas for packagaing for backed goods
Whether you’re baking cookies for your new neighbors or helping out at your school’s bake sale, the right packaging for baked goods will ensure the food arrives fresh and ready to be sold. Check out this article for ideas.

Gift-giving is not only fun. It’s actually good for you.

Both you and the gift recipient benefit, and searching for a gift can even be a form of de-stressing.

If you don’t have the money to buy something extravagant, don’t let that stop you. Simply giving some beautifully wrapped baked goods is more than enough.

We’ve got 7 great ideas for packaging for baked goods to make your favorite recipe feel even more special.

7 ideas for packagaing for backed goods

1. Cellophane Bag with Label

One of the most versatile ways of packaging your baked goods is using a cellophane bag.

You can dress them up by printing off a cute, custom label and tying them closed with string. Simple, cute, and cheap.

2. Card-Stock

Find some printed card-stock that you like and you’re set.

You can cut it into whatever shape you prefer, whether you like arched corners or sharp ones.

Then simply fold each corner so they create four mini walls around your beautiful creation.

You can either leave it displayed like this or put the card-stock and treat in a clear bag for travel.

3. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is used for other gifts. Why not your favorite treat?

You can use tissue paper you already have to create baked good packaging that really feels special. Tie it closed with some coordinating string, and your baked good is dressed for success.

4. Decorative Tins

Need something a little more durable with a great look? Look no further than these wholesale cookie tins.

These tins can hold a good amount of baked goods and treats. They’re strong enough to keep your desserts safe and there are so many different designs that can work for any occasion.

5. Folded Envelope

You don’t have to go hunting for the perfect sized gift envelope to fit your baked good.

You can make one out of whatever material and pattern you like. Fold it around your treat and fasten it with a fun sticker.

This really makes your baked good feel like a present to unwrap.

6. Organza Bag

If DIY gives you anxiety a simple organza bag is the perfect packaging for your baked goods.

There are so many varieties in size and color of these organza bags. Just place your treat inside the bag and even add a tag or note. Then you’re done.

7. Decorative Paper Box

A classic look never goes out of style.

Put your baked good in a paper box and decorate it to fit the look you want. You can add paper cut-outs, stickers, or even draw right on it.

It’s an easy and beautiful look that works whether you’re selling or giving.

Packaging for Baked Goods That Lets Them Shine

Whether you’re the bake sale champion or the at-home enthusiast, these 7 packaging for baked goods ideas will make your treats look even better.

For more on everything DIY as well as food and baking inspiration, visit our blog. We’ve got everything you need to keep you creating beautiful things and help you live better.

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