9 DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas

9 DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Does your bathroom need a pop of color or personality? Check out these easy bathroom decor ideas anyone can do!

9 DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Only around 40% of us are very satisfied with the way our bathroom looks. Another group of us are fairly satisfied, but more than one in 10 of us thinks that our bathroom could do with a touch-up.

Are you looking to redecorate your bathroom this year? Trying to introduce some personality to the room? And you’re taking on the job yourself?

Here are 9 great DIY bathroom decor ideas for you to consider.

1. DIY Magazine Rack

Get bored when you’re using the facilities?

Put together a DIY magazine rack and keep it stacked with a few decent reads.

Make narrow shelves and attach these to the walls (making sure they’re level), then set a bar across each shelf to keep the mags from falling down.

Now your next visit to the bathroom won’t be so dull!

2. Homemade Bathroom Rug

Putting together a DIY bathroom rug adds a pop of color to the room.

You can use a bunch of colorful old tees that you never wear as materials, weaving or crocheting strips of these into a rug.

Or, if you’re re-carpeting other areas of the house, perhaps you could take some of the top layer from the old carpet. Then reshape it into a circular rug for your bathroom, to tie the room together.

3. Custom Canvas Art

Add a touch of personality to your bathroom’s theme by creating custom canvas art.

You just need to stretch the canvas taut over a small wooden frame, which is easy to build yourself.

Then go to town with acrylic paint and create something that suits you, and you alone. Why not let the kids have a go at creating their own art too, and add their mark to the bathroom?

4. Mason Jars for Accessories

Mason jars have made an odd transition in the last decade. While they used to be re-used as a cost-cutting strategy, they’re now decidedly hip but still cheap.

Paint them with a coat of white or beige paint, let them dry, and slap on another layer. Repeat as necessary to build up a reasonably thick coat. Then sand to give them a cool, on-trend, ‘distressed’ look.

Use the jars to hold your toothbrushes, cotton wool and buds, and other bits and pieces. You can even use the screw cap from an old hand soap dispenser to turn one of your jars into a new dispenser.

Or try some other quirky pots to add some character to your bathroom. Whichever you pick, it’ll be a lot nicer than the old, soulless plastic containers many of us use as a quick and easy – but ugly – solution.

5. DIY Mirror Frame

Mirrors that don’t have a frame can be easy to chip at the edges, so if yours is missing a frame, get to it!

Finding reclaimed wood is a great way to get hold of really nice material at minimal cost. Keep an eye out for great-looking woods you might otherwise struggle to afford.

Use this to create a simple frame, finish it with protective oil, and mount it to the mirror with glue.

6. Bathroom Wall Panelling

Bathroom panelling is a stylish way to clad the walls of your bathroom without the same expense as re-tiling the whole room.

They closely imitate various tile stylings and stone, looking fantastic at a fraction of the cost.

The panels are non-porous, making them a hygienic and easy-to-clean solution for redoing a bathroom on a budget. But when we say budget, you shouldn’t expect low quality. If you look after them, they’ll last for years.

7. Offbeat Storage

Shelves are all well and good. But if you’re renting you might not be able to drill holes in the walls. And you might not have space for a flat pack shelving unit.

Here’s a neat trick – get an old wooden ladder, and paint it a neutral color for your bathroom, like dark gray or olive green. Now hang a few hanging baskets on the rungs to store your bathroom potions in.

You’ll create a huge amount of storage in a very small amount of space, and you can add more baskets if you need them.

8. Characteristic Furniture

Yes, IKEA is cheap. But don’t you get sick of going into other people’s homes and thinking that you have that exact same piece of furniture?

Replace the everyday with something more exciting. Check out vintage shops, or scope out salvage yards and yard sales for furniture – and bits of furniture begging for a new life.

Reclaimed furniture can be cost-effective, as well as being a fairly easy restoration job in most cases. Let’s say you find an old but complete side table that’s stable. All you need do is sand down the years of neglect, refinish the piece, and presto – great-looking ‘new’ furniture.

9. Shell Candles

Enjoy the ocean from the comfort of your own bathtub.

Take a few tea lights and use a blunt knife to loosen and remove the wax from the metal surrounding it. Pull the wicks out, but don’t throw them away. Stand them upright in a group of small-to-medium seashells.

Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of boiling water and move the wax around with a wooden tool until it’s melted. Then spoon or carefully pour the mixture into the seashells, taking care to leave the wicks standing upright, above the mix. A pair of tweezers might be helpful.

Let the wax set, and light up the seashell candles the next time you take a bath.

More Bathroom Decor Ideas

We hope you’ve got some great bathroom decor ideas from this article. Before you know it, your tired old bathroom will be the best-looking room in the house.

If you’re looking to tackle other parts of your home for your next DIY project, be sure to swing by our home improvement blog. We’ll run you through kitchen renovations, how best to use spray paint, decorating with upcycling, and much more.

Let’s create beautiful things together!

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