5 Easy DIY Crafts to Make at Your Spring Soiree

female making a diy craft with wrapping paper
Whether you want to make chicks and eggs for your kid’s spring party, or you want to make spring based cocktails for adults, these DIY crafts are for you.

female making a diy craft with wrapping paper

With spring upon us, you should be preparing to throw the best spring soiree to kick off the season.

If you need help spicing it up and making it unique, why not try a few DIY crafts your guests have never seen.

Keep reading and we’ll show you how to take Spring to the next level.

Pineapple and Sage Gimlet

One of the best DIY crafts when throwing a spring soiree has to be making your own cocktails.

Your guests will be expecting something fruity and refreshing after the long winter months. Nothing better to kick off the spring season than a traditional pineapple and sage gimlet.

The best part about this gimlet is you can make an entire pitcher at a time and you don’t have to be a bartender all night.

All you need is your favorite gin, simple syrup, sage, pineapple, and lime juice. Voila, prepare to delight your guests.

Personalized Egg Place Cards

If you’re having a sit-down Easter soiree, you might want to ditch the traditional place cards and go for something more unique.

Why not monogram and easter egg with your guests’ initials? They will enjoy the detail you put into their place card and they’ll have a souvenir to take home.

Daisy Cookies in a Pot

When you think of a spring soiree, you think of florals and sunshine. And while everyone loves cupcakes, why not serve something a little bit more suited for the occasion, daisy cookies.

To make these cookies extra special, get some lollipop sticks and put the flower cookies in a flower pot. That extra detail will bring in the delicious treats to the next level.

You can get as creative with these cookies as you wish.

Elegant Take on Easter Eggs

Long gone as the days of boring and simple Easter eggs. If you want to wow your guests with your decorations why not try a few more things.

Try silk fabric transfers onto the eggshells for an elegant look. Your guests will want to steal your ideas and take some eggs to decorate their own.

If you want to take it a step further, why not make 3-dimensional eggs. Paint the eggs your favorite color and then glue scrapbooking tiny flowers.

Mason Jar Lights

If you’re expecting your soiree to go on well into the evening, then you will need to light up your backyard.

Try to make cool jar lights using mason jars and candles. Fill in different size mason jars with beans and candles and place all over the place.

If you have your soiree before daylight savings time, you might need to light them early in the night. Learn more about daylight savings here.

What Are Your Favorite DIY Crafts?

If you love to wow your guests, then these DIY crafts are right up your alley. Give them your magical touch and your guests will never forget your spring soiree.

We have more tips where these came from. For more DIY crafts visit our blog.

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