5 Craft YouTubers Every DIY Junkie Needs to Follow

craft youtubers
The best craft ideas are coming straight out of YouTube. To find trending project ideas, here are five craft YouTubers to start watching right now.

craft youtubers

YouTube has become the go-to place for DIY projects. Whether you are diagnosing a problem with your car or decorating wedding gazebos, there is bound to be a video on the subject.

YouTube continues to pave the way for many people to make money off their expertise and hobbies. If there isn’t a video on a topic you’re interested in, you could be the first to create the category.

Many craft YouTubers have found great success on the video platform. Some have built audiences that exceed a million subscribers.

If you are a craft enthusiast or looking for a particular craft project, continue reading for YouTube channels you should be following.

1. 5-Minute Crafts Kids

Parents looking for fun activities for young children love craft YouTubers with platforms like theirs.

The DIY crafts you will find on their videos include ways to make delicious treats, how to include food products in crafts and other food hacks. Kids can also learn tie-dying t-shirts and other techniques.

If your kids love balloons, you will find plenty of ideas for their next birthday party activities.

2. Make: Craft YouTubers

Make: is a YouTube channel full of amazing crafts that you can create using technology found around your house. Almost 1.6 million subscribers have found these DIY videos both useful and intriguing.

Have you ever wanted to make a clock out of a slab of wood? How about creating a unique porch light, using household items like wood, glass and a Bluetooth device?

With Make: you will learn how to do these simple projects. For the more adventurous, they have more complex projects to stretch the imagination.

3. How to Origami

Orgami.me is a fast growing trend among craft YouTubers. This channel gives tutorials for beginners and advanced crafters.

You can learn how to make paper shapes ranging from Origami Star Wars x-wing starfighters to Origami Iris flowers.

They currently have almost 40 DIY tutorials to choose from. More videos are sure to come.

4. SoCraftastic

SoCraftastic is geared towards the artsy type. She has videos covering a wide array of topics that can attract crafters of all ages.

Her crafts include home decor items, jewelry making, crafts for baking, creating unique journals and much more. You can also learn how to make romantic V-day crafts.

What makes SoCraftastic stand out for other craft YouTubers is she also does vlogs where she offers product reviews, decorating tips and occasional contests where subscribers can win prizes.

5. Man Sewing

Man Sewing isn’t a craft channel just for men, but it does provide fun videos for men and women who love to create through sewing.

On this DIY craft channel, you can learn to sew any and everything from fun pajamas to eye-catching quilts. He even throws in informative videos on sewing tips and selecting the right products for your projects.

We Hope You Found Our Suggestions Useful

Crafting is relaxing and a great way to show-off your creative side.

If you are looking for additional crafting topics, check-out our blogs. We have great DIY ideas you are sure to love.

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