Top 5 DIY Dog Accessories Every Owner Must Have

diy dog accessories
From collars to toys to beds and more, you can get creative with your dog’s belongings. Here are some fun DIY dog accessories you can try out.

diy dog accessories

Are you the proud owner of a lovable furry dog? 77% of dog owners let their pets have free reign of their home because they view them as family members.

How do you build a bond with your pup? Spend time playing with them, teaching them new things, and snuggling.

If you want to go above and beyond in showing them your love, you can even make some DIY dog accessories!

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to shower your pup with love.

DIY Dog Accessories

There are a ton of DIY dog accessories you can make that are relatively easy! We’re going to discover the top ones you can start creating today.

Make Your Own Bowtie

It’s no lie that a dog with a bowtie has a level of cuteness that you just can’t resist. Does your dog have a special occasion to attend? Making a DIY bowtie is the perfect way to make your pup look fancy.

The best part is you don’t need to know how to sew. All you need to do is get some fabric. You’ll then fold the top and bottom sides together with a little overlap. After that, you’ll fold the right and left sides together.

Using the same fabric, you’ll cut another strip about 2×5 inches. Using the fabric you’ve folded over, you’ll pinch the center to make a beautiful bow shape. The skinny piece of fabric you just cut will be wrapped around the center.

Tie or glue and trim the extra fabric! Now you have a bowtie that your pup can wear.

Tug Toys

DIY dog accessories are a great way to bond with your pup, and a tug toy is a great place to start!

You’ll need to get some recycled stretch knit from tops or pants. You can find this at the thrift store or laying around your house. Pick a color scheme and stick to those colors when collecting material.

You’ll cut the fabric into 20 1-inch by 20-inch strips. Gather your 20 cut strips and divide them into 2 groups of 10. Twist the sections of 10 together and make a knot at each end of the rope.

Make sure your knot is tight or it may come undone quickly! You won’t need to glue or sew anything.

Doggie Blanket

Making a blanket for your dog is a special way to remind them of you when you’re away.

All you’ll need is some fleece fabric (about a yard) and a pair of scissors. Cut some two-inch strips around the edges of the blanket and remove the corner pieces.

Then, you’ll go around again and cut each strip in half and tie them together. Voila! An adorable blanket for your dog.

If you already have a blanket and are looking for an alternative option, check out dog beds for medium dogs.

Dogs Love You

Your dog loves you no matter what you do, but making special DIY dog accessories can show them that you love them!

Of course, you can go out and buy treats or balls. But there’s something special about things that are handmade that you can share with your pup.

If you’re interested in other DIY projects, check out our website now!

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