Award Winning Classic Potato Salad [simple recipe]

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I’ve always been pretty picky when it comes to potato salad.  It’s one of those classic dishes that can be doctored up and altered in so many different ways- which I usually love, but when it comes to potato salad, I feel differently.  I usually find that the more people add to their potato salads, the less I enjoy them. I have a major weakness for a simple & classic potato salad… no eggs, no olives, no random veggies or spices.  In fact, my all time favorite potato salad comes from a little gem called Becky’s Barbecue, an tiny, yet award winning smokehouse just outside of Newport, RI.  Their classic potato salad appears to be nothing more than potatoes & mayo, but the rich flavors go SO much deeper than that.  We always enjoy it along with a savory plate of smoked pulled pork and their handmade baked beans.  I’ve tried to recreate their potato salad more times than I can count, and never could get it quite right… until now.

I’ve finally found a recipe that not only comes close to theirs, it may even be better!  I’ve been making my new potato salad recipe all Summer and it has gotten rave reviews every single time. My classic potato salad recipe seems too good to be true because it couldn’t be easier to make and the ingredients are so basic, but it’s the combination that’s KEY.  So without further ado, here is the Award Winning Classic Potato Salad recipe…

Award Winning Classic Potato Salad [simple recipe]

This recipe makes a large batch of potato salad, enough to serve a party of 15-25 as a small side.  I like to make it as a dinner side for my family of 5 and keep it for leftovers all week!  However, you can cut this recipe in half if you’d prefer to make a smaller portion.

My favorite way to enjoy potato salad at home…

Did I mention my kids are obsessed with this too?  If you know my kids you know this is nothing short of a miracle!

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