“BLT” Pasta Salad [recipe]

best pasta salad recipe mayo pasta salad
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Who doesn’t love a good pasta salad, especially during the warm Summer months?  There are a million different variations, and we’ve tried a good number of them, from a hearty & spicy Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad to a bright & flavorful Confetti Veggie Pasta Salad.  They’re all so yummy, but our favorite part about pasta salads is that they’re super simple to prepare and they can be served along with just about any meal, especially during the Summer time.  For this reason, you’ll find a simple & yummy pasta salad dish at just about all of our events & family functions!  Today we’re sharing one of my all time favorite pasta salad recipes.   It couldn’t be easier to prepare, and it’s always a BIG hit among friends and family- oh, and kids LOVE it too!  Checks all my boxes!

So here it is, our “BLT” Pasta Salad Recipe

blt pasta salad recipe1

As you can see, you won’t find any lettuce in this pasta salad, so it’s not exactly “BLT”, but it’s close enough for us 😉

We love serving this simple pasta salad along with a nice barbecue grilled chicken. What do you like to serve with your pasta salad?

best pasta salad recipe mayo pasta salad

The heirloom tomatoes are my favorite part 😉

blt pasta salad recipe

This simple pasta salad is a must try!  Share it with your friends & family and let us know what you think!

blt simple best pasta salad recipe


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