Turn Your City Select into the Best Triple Stroller Ever [Reviews & DIY]

city select best triple stroller

As a family of five with three kids under the age of two we had a DESPERATE need for a practical triple stroller. After baby Harrison came into the World when our twins were just 20 months old, I found myself researching every single triple stroller on the market, which only left me with a handful of options (six to be exact)! I ruled out just about all of our triple stroller options due to various inconveniences. We already owned the City Select Double stroller, which I loved and didn’t want to part with…but I didn’t think it would work unless we continued using it along with a second single stroller. Then, after exhausting all of our options we came up with an amazing triple stroller solution that I still can’t believe!

city select best triple stroller

Before I get into how we ended up with the best triple stroller EVER, here are my findings after researching and testing out the only other triple strollers on the market…

Triple Stroller Reviews (by a mom of three, who’s tried EVERYTHING)

Valco Tri Mode with Joey Seat (approx. $600 to $800)– Impractical for child in joey seat, difficult to fold and transport. We already attract attention with three kids under two, and strolling around with one child propped up in the air is just made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable!

Product Links:[Stroller] [Joey Seat adapter]

valco baby twin tri mode joey seat 18

Foundations Quad Stroller (approx. $500-$900)I spent a lot of time considering this option as it seemed like a comfortable option for the kids…the only problem was that it wouldn’t be comfortable for us to transport. The Foundations Quad weighs a whopping 84 lbs. and will not fit in many cars and small SUV’s. We could have fit it in our Volvo XC90, but it wouldn’t have left us with much space for anything else.

Product Links: [Stroller]

foundations quad four child stroller2 1

Joovy Big Caboose Tandem Triple Stroller (approx. $450)- We actually purchased this and returned it. It has two permanent seats and a third option for sitting or standing in the back. We would have purchased the additional seat insert for the back to make the back seat more comfortable and practical. It was simple to fold and lightweight at just 33 lbs., but bulky extremely bulky and practically impossible to transport. At over 5 ft. long, we actually could not fit it in the large trunk of our SUV. We probably could have found a way to squeeze it in, but it would have had to rest on top of our children’s seat, which was not a possibility.

Product Links: [Stroller]

joovy big caboose triple stroller

BeBe Love Triple Jogging Stroller (approx. $700)– Literally one of the only options if you want a jogging stroller. This triple stroller does not get very good reviews, its labeled as “bulky”, “cheaply made”, “impractical”, and their customer service doesn’t have a good reputation…so this just didn’t seem like a good product to spend 700 dollars on.

bebe love triple stroller

Foundations Triple Stroller (approx. $400)- I wasn’t crazy about the length and look of this stroller. It felt like another attention magnet, and at just over 60 lbs. I knew I would not be capable of transporting it alone. Its reviews indicate that its very heavy to push, and not suitable for long walks or frequent use.

Product Links: [Stroller]

foundations triple stroller

Childwheels Triplet Pram (approx. $900 with International shipping) – I wanted to purchase this triple stroller, it simply made the most sense to me. It seemed compact, yet spacious for three children, and simple to maneuver. The only issue with this triple stroller is that it is a bit heavy at 60 lbs. and it is difficult to purchase as it’s only available in Europe and would need to be shipped Internationally, otherwise, it seems like a beautiful triple stroller option.

childwheels triplet stroller

Then, an incredible thing happened, after scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across some photos from a few brilliant parents around the World. They had figured out how to add a third seat to their City Select stroller, making it the most visually appealing and practical triple stroller EVER. My mind was beyond blown (insert prayer hands!). Since we already owned the City Select Double Stroller, all we needed to do was purchase one more seat for it ($180)! We purchased the seat and got to work modifying it right away. It was super quick and simple to do. My favorite part about this triple stroller option is that its extremely compact (the same length and width as a single stroller!!) and the seats are completely removable so if I wanted to go out with one of two of the kids I could just remove the seats! The only slight downside to this triple stroller is that its VERY compact, the seats can recline a bit and the kids have enough, but not a ton of room.

So without further ado, here it is:

The Modified Baby Jogger City Select Triple Stroller with THREE Seatsimg 0619

Isn’t she a beauty?! We’ve been using our modified triple stroller for about two months now and we absolutely LOVE IT! As I said above, it was super simple to turn our City Select Double into a triple stroller. I should note that City Select does NOT advertise this as an option, we researched the weight limits (45 lbs. per seat) and tested the frame (its very solid and well built) so we felt comfortable with the level of safety and making these modifications on our own. So here’s how we built our custom triple stroller…

1. Purchase Stroller and Additional Seat or Seats

First, you have to purchase the stroller itself along with two additional seats. When you buy the additional seat(s), they come with the extra bracket you will need. If you already have two, just buy one seat and you’ll be all set! Recommendation: You can use the screws that come with the brackets, however once you drill the holes they may not be super tight. This was the case with one of our brackets, it was a bit loose. We would recommend going to Home Depot or hardware store to find screws with bolts. This way you can drill all the way through and then just tighten the bolt on the other side. This will leave you with everything you need to modify the stroller.

city select triple stroller

Product Links: [Stroller] [Additional Seat with Brackets]

2. Leave lowest seat as normal, facing back, place second seat where you would normally put the single seat (middle)

Basically, the third seat will stay on the bottom using the supplied risers, just like it would be if you were using the stroller as a double. Then the second seat will be placed on the next level up, in the same spot that you’d use if you were using the stroller as a single.

city select triple stroller2

3. Detach brackets from highest spot, place them higher up

For the third seat, you’ll need to drill a set of holes. Detach the brackets from the highest spot, then place them higher up in the new desired location. We attached ours right below the brake brackets.

img 0621

First, mark out the holes where the brackets will sit, then use a drill to predrill the holes. NOTE: If you would like extra security, which we recommend, drill all the way through and find a screw and bolt from a hardware store, so they are sure to be secured fully. Find one that is just long enough, so there isn’t a sharp screw sticking out. We did have one screw that was a little loose, so this is why we would recommend this.

img 0620 1

img 0622

Now, simply reattach the seat brackets in their new position and click in the third seat!

img 0611

One additional modification I made was to remove the footrest on the middle seat. This enabled it to sit up slightly straighter. It takes about a minute to remove the footrest by simply pushing in the buttons on the sides and pulling it out. That’s all there is to it!

img 0617

Here’s our City Select Triple Stroller in action!

We love taking it on neighborhood walks!

img 0623

and on the occasional day trip (she gets lots of compliments too)…

best triple stroller

We put a lot of work into this tutorial. Please Pin and share our triple stroller review & comparison guide and use our Amazon links to the seats if you can 🙂

citi select three seats modification

We’d love to hear from other families who’ve tried this and/or have questions about giving it a go!

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  1. This is amazing!! Do you know if it makes a difference if I buy the single with 2 additional seats or the double with one additional seat? Thanks!!

    1. Good question! It does not make a difference, as long as you don’t buy the single model with the permanent seat. Just be sure that whether it’s the single or the double, its the Baby Jogger “City Select”. Best of luck to you!

      1. Hi Jordan, thanks a lot for this info its great! Do you know if anyone has clarified if it is possible to have two seats plus one car seat? I will have 16month old twins and a newborn. What would you recommend the best option for my situation to work please?

        1. Thank you sooooooooooo much for this, I am unable to do it myself, we have triplets and new to parenting would I be able to take our me and you double buggy to a workshop or handyman for them to fit on a third seat?

  2. It’s me again…I’m wondering what year model you have? Mine is a 2015 and I’ve just learned that the 2016 is a few inches taller so I’m afraid mine may be too short 🙁

          1. Congrats on the triplets!! One thought is use it as a double and wear the third baby on you until they can all sit in the seats without the car seat. I am currently doing that. I have 21 mo twins and used this stroller from the beginning and love it. Just had another last month and am wearing him for now until we can make this mod.

  3. This is exactly what I have been looking for!! The new 2017s are out and they are supposed to be lighter. I will make sure the seats are removable but do you know if this would work with the 2017’s? Thanks again for this amazing article!

      1. Hi! I dis the modification and it works well! Thanks 🙂
        In two of your pictures, I see that the footrest have been put back but I cant figure out how you did it… Can you Tell me? Sorry if my english is not peefect, I’m a franch Canadian. Thanks for your answer 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I know you responded to someone else that you didn’t think 3 car seats would fit. Do you think 1 or 2 car seats would work? Did you use a car seat in the stroller after your 3rd was born? Thanks!

    1. That’s a great question! I’ve been wondering the same. I don’t think two carseats will fit with the 3rd child seat, but one may. I will test it shortly and let you know!

    2. TESTED and IT WORKS! We tried the stroller today with a car seat on the highest tier and and fit without a problem! I don’t think two car seats would work, however. Wishing you the best!

      1. What brand car seat was it? Just wondering bc of the adapters are different for different brands. We have the Chico key fit 30.

        1. Hi — curious about the car seat that will fit? We also have chicco keyfit 30 and would like to do this. Does it need an adapter to fit, or will we need to buy a city select car seat? Thanks!

      2. We are legit doing this as we speak. Drill out n all. We have a graco carrier and it doesn’t fit. Do you have the handle extended all the way out? That is a little tall for me but if that’s all that will work I’ll have to live with it

  5. This is just what I have been looking for! I will have 3 under 18 months and definitely need an easy way to get around. I am trying to understand what model years this would work for though as I would like to buy used if possible. I know yours was a 2015. Any idea on older models? Should I spring for the 2017 because it’s a little lighter and longer perhaps? Also to confirm when I put this in my truck I have to take off each seat or no?

    1. You will have to take the seats off to fold it, even as a double… I haven’t tested this with any other older models so I can’t be much help in that department…I can only assume that it should work just the same!

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea! I’m a bit confused, lol. Where exactly did you drill the holes in and where did you place the third seat? I have twins and a three year old. I already have the citi select so I would like to try this!!

    1. The holes were drilled at the top of the frame, just below the break to create the third level! This will free up space for the middle seat to sit in the lower position , then the third seat sits at the base of the frame where it normally would.

      1. Confused.. As well where the holes are for the childs seat at the top by the handle. This would be so conviant due to i am expecting my third in 5 months. I already have the city select double love it absolutely. But where i drill the seat at top is where i am unsure about. And do i move the middle one where it would be actualy a single seat? Or the bottom two are left alone and the top is just moved up for more space for the moddle seat? Ijust want to be sure where i drill the holes its where they need to be. One more question can they recline the two bottom ones a little or not? Also the middle seat is it able to have its foot rest come up a little for the childs feet?

  7. Have just bought the double and am struggling to get a second hand extra seat… but I will win! Have positioned the bottom two seats so far and I can’t seem to get the seat to fit with the bar across like yours does. It will be a life saver when I figure it out!

      1. Hi I’m expecting Triples and I just was wondering will 3 capsule fit or 3 bassinets fit as I am really looking at this idea thanx so much

  8. Hi I’m expecting triple too and I was wondering if you knew if 3 Bassinet would all fit easy as I’m considering this way thanx heaps

  9. So I love that I came upon this! I have searched for a couple years to a solution to this! I have a nb, 2 & 3 year old! I also have a standing board but for now I want to use my car seat and 2 seats! Going to drill holes today! Praying all goes smoothly! Question; WHAT SIZE DRILL BIT DID YOU USE? ALSO, DRILLING IS ALL THAT’S NEEDED? THAT WILL MAKE IT SO THE SCREWS HOLD? Thanks!!!

    1. You don’t need to notify to use 2 seats and a carseat, they fit just fine as is!! The car seat adapter lifts it high, so higher brackets may not work. I have 2 seats, a carseat and a glider board on minewirhout modifying the brackets or frame. Wish I could post a picture to share.

      1. Can you please email me the picture as well, I’m expecting twins and I have a 12 month old now. When the twins are born he’s going to be 18 Months

      2. Hey Carol, can you send a pic of using the car seat at the top and the 2 toddler seats? You said you didn’t have to drill any holes for this correct? How did you get the car seat to sit up at top then? Hank you!! jacqlyngarneau12@yahoo.xom

      3. Hey Carol, can you send a pic of using the car seat at the top and the 2 toddler seats? You said you didn’t have to drill any holes for this correct? How did you get the car seat to sit up at top then? Thank you!

  10. Hi,
    I have 3 month old triplets- two boys and a girl.
    My english is not so good…
    I bought this stroller. Can you tell me if you can lay down the sit? Like if they are sleeping?

  11. I love this modification! Unfortunately, for me I’m having twins and will have a 20 month old and a 3 year old. So I’ll need a stroller that can hold 2 car seats with the 3rd seat. The best one I found was the Joovy one, but I was also concerned about how big and possibly bulky it would be. Maybe when my twins are old enough to sit alone in the seats, this will work better for me. *sigh* I’ll continue my search, hopefully I’ll find something! Thank you for giving me hope outside of using traditional strollers.

  12. Hi, great idea, thanks for posting. My first question: you said you’ve used yours from the beginning. then, even if not completely flat, the recline would still be comfortable enough for newborns? i’d rather avoid using car seats, if possible ( will have 2 newborn twins and a 20mo old). Second question: do you think the heavier kid, the 20month old needs to sit in the bottom two seats? would she be too heavy (relative to the lighter newbors) to sit on the top seat ?

    1. They will recline a bit, but not completely flat. I believe the stroller seats are rated for 6 months + though? You may be able to buy a newborn insert? I usually put my biggest kid in the bottom back seat just to bc it makes me feel better, but I’m not sure it makes a huge difference?

  13. we are going for it!

    Just ordered a citi select 2015 model , and an extra seat. we have triplet 4 month old boys. we will post a pic or send u a pic to post of the turkeys loaded up when we get this sorted out. thanks so much for this post. the triplet stroller options were just terrible and bulky

  14. With the three seats in, have you been able to use any rain covers? I would like to avoid buying 3 of the individual ones from baby jogger.

  15. Is there anyway to send me a picture of this with the middle seat removed, and the two seats facing forward and reclined?only have two children but would
    Love if they could both be reckoned at the same time. This seems like it would
    Be a good fix for that.

  16. My three girls ariverd just 12 days ago and I don’t have a stroller yet😣 Do you know if I can lay down three of them at the same time?

  17. Awesome hack! We have this stroller and are headed to kid number 4 and unfortunately we have tall and large children so pushing even 2 over any terrain that is not completely flat is ridiculous. Going over a 2” bump means I have to stop and lift the front. I couldn’t imagine doing this with 3. I also have the mountain buggy duet so if you feel like hacking that let me know! Lol.

  18. We’re getting ready for our triplets. Can you tell me how this held up over time? And as your kids got bigger did the stroller still maneuver well? Thanks!

  19. Is there a way to show which stroller to buy on Amazon to make sure I get the right stroller and extra seat combination?

  20. Hey there !
    Would you be able to say which size drill you used ? Also did you drill all the way through or just on the inside of the frame ?
    Did you use another tool to make the lines for the screws to fit in?

    Would love to know. I don’t have 3 children but I want to raise the seat so it’s easier to recline with the children sitting back to back !

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. We recommend holding the bit up to the screw. Start with a lower size, then if it’s too tight, use a larger one. We didn’t take down the size, however one user in our comments said her husband used a 3/16″ drill bit.

  21. Expecting triplets and love the 3 toddler seat option. However what stoller do you recommend for carseats?

  22. We are trying this now and my husband wanted me to note that the drill bit size for the holes is 3/16th.
    Curious to see if this will work – we are hoping to try with two car seats (we use adaptors for the graco click and connect). We have twins on the way, a 15 month old AND a 3 year old. It’s going to be working overtime for sure!

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks for all the info in your post, I really want to try this triple stroller modification option as well but wanted to be sure of something’s bedoew going out & buying everything… Where did you get your adaptors for your click & connect grace car seat, do I purchase or through Graco or from Baby Jogger?

  23. This is amazing!! I am pregnant with baby #3 and I have a 2 and 3 yo. So I need something to have them all contained. Would this work with a infant car seat attached??

  24. Just double checking. You said people have used it with two car seats and one seat correct? Having twins and my oldest turns two shortly. Also what size drill? Thanks so much I am so excited!

  25. Thanks for posting this ! I am moving my second seat up so we don’t have the argument of seat kicking. Not planning on having a third but at least the seat will be moved if we do. I am having a hard time drilling the holes, was there a certain drill bit you used?

  26. Hi, Jordan! Thank you so much for this post. I also have a 20 month year old and a twins couple of 6 month and I have this stroller. I was thinking of buying a triplet stroller and found this post of yours. I am really tempted to do this. I’ve noticed your post is a year old. Do you still use the stroller with the three? Would you still advise this? Would you change something? Thank you so much

      1. Hi do you still use the stroller, I have 3 under 2 and thinking of this but not sure it will be a great idea with the seats being so tight. Any advice is appreciated. Do you find yourself needing multiple strollers or does this suffice?

        1. Hi Mayra! We stopped using it when he got heavier. I forget the exact weight looking back on it, but you can tell when it’s time by the amount of effort it takes to push and turn! If I think of the age/weight I will post it back here.

  27. We just had our third, all under 3… I was dreading having my near 3 yr old ride that board thing. My husband found this post today and immediately went out and added the third position. All works great with two toddler seats and a car seat!!

  28. Hi I wanted to know how you got the second stroller over the bar? I haven’t been able to figure it out

  29. Cool! Have you thought of removing the basket so the kids had more foot room? I’d be worried about it tipping with too much weight on the top seat.

  30. Is there an extra adapter that comes with the city select that doesn’t come with the Lux? I think there is only one option for the original seat and then the bottom for the 2nd seat.

    1. Capri, do you have a picture of this please, how did you do it, and which model pram do you have 2015/16/17 ?

  31. I’d like to add a 3rd seat but I’d rather it be a car seat, do I need to buy the regular seat to get the brackets & buy the car seat adapters? Or do I just purchase the car seat adapters?

  32. Have you had any experience with the stroller being top-heavy or tipping if the child in the bottom seat gets out to walk? We have a toddler and twins on the way and it seems like our toddler would work best in the bottom seat, but we want the option of letting her get out without putting the other two at risk if I let go of the handlebar.

    1. We didn’t have any tipping issues, but you can tell when it is top heavy. I would probably leave at least one in the front. Don’t hang anything from the back bar, maybe put a bag or something in the bottom to help.

  33. Hi I have twins that are 20 months old and a baby thats 9 months. We currently use two strollers a double and a single. If I want to go out with all 3 kids I have to take someone with me or carry the baby in a carrier. I considered a triple stroller but they were all soo big and heavy that I thought two strollers was the better option. But now that I saw your post I am wondering if this will work for us. First I am wondering do you feel this one stroller suffices or do you have multiple strollers, since this doesn’t seem like the most comfortable option for the kids. Also can you name any downside to this stroller?

  34. Such a great idea you are a life saver. We love this stroller and wanted to not have to buy another one if possible. We will have 22 month old twins when our third is born. We were originally planning to get the boogie board for one of the twins at the base for when the newborn doesn’t want to be in a carrier anymore but I was thinking a young 2 year old may not be ready to handle something like that so this is a great option. We use and love the snack trays with our current double configuration. Do you know if the snack trays would fit in the triple? I notice you don’t have them in the picture. Thank you!

  35. Hi can you please tell me how this is working out for you in the long run ? I have 20 month old twins, and a 9 month old baby. I tried to put the twins in this stroller but they hate the seats cause they can’t see, will this go away in the future ? Do you find yourself needing a separate strollers or does this one suffice ? Please any advise would be appreciated. I now carry two strollers and it’s just so bulky and not very practical, so this seems like a good solution but not sure my twins will adapt.

  36. Can you please advise how this stroller is working out in the long run? I 3 under 2 and think this is a great idea but not sure the kids will like it since the seating is a bit tight. Also do you have just the one stroller or multiples? Any advice is appreciated.

  37. Hi! Thank you for posting this! With the modifications you suggested, can you still click the infant car carriers in and out? I have a 16 month old and I’m expecting twins. So ideally I would need a spot for my daughter to sit and two car carriers to click in and out while the twins are infants.

  38. Hi! Thank you for posting this! With the modifications you suggested, can you still click the infant car carriers in and out? I have a 16 month old and I’m expecting twins. So ideally I would need a spot for my daughter to sit and two car carriers to click in and out while the twins are infants.

  39. This is amazing! I’m extremely happy I found this hack. Before I start this – since this is an old post- does anyone on here have the stroller they built to fit 3 seats and is interested in selling it? (already w/ 3 seats so we dont have to do the drilling etc.) I will pay the shipping?

  40. I have a question if it is possible to have 2 bassinet kits with a singel regular stroller seat in your modify stroller. We have one kid that is turning 2 this coming summer and are expecting twins this spring. And are looking for a tripplet stroller, and your stroller modify looks wonderful! Can it handle snow also? Thanks for answering

  41. This was a game changer for me! I’m a single triplet mom and now we can finally all go to places that were off limits before.

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