Fresh Picked Friday [Vol.84]

img 9959

img 9959

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here are a few essentials this week…

Fresh Picked Friday [6.16.17]

Did you know? There’s a beach in Aruba where you can swim with flamingos…

The Renaissance Resort owns its own 40-acre private island which includes two beaches, one of which enables guests to swim or bask in the sun in the among a flock of flamingos!

img 9947

Headed to the beach? Why don’t you make these: Strawberry Moscato Ice Pops

Strawberry Moscato Popsicles 2

Get this look for Summer 17′: Mauve Duster Cardigan

Lunching?  Make this: Strawberry Bacon Salad

strawberry bacon salad recipe

Drinking? You need this: Raspberry Lemoncello Proseco

raspberry limoncello prosecco recipe

Growing? You need this: The Beginner’s Guide to Trendy Indoor Plants

picture showing trendy indoor plants

Have a wonderful weekend!


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