Ikea Hack! Built in Ikea Hemnes Wardrobe Dresser

ikea hemnes dresser hack built in 9

No matter what we do, it seems that we never have enough space for clothes.  We’ve always had a walk in closet but it just never seems to be enough! Throughout the years we’ve spent a small fortune on various dressers, thinking every time, *this should solve the problem*, from brand new pieces to antique- it just always either looked too cluttered or didn’t offer enough space.  Finally, during one rainy day trip to Ikea we came up with the perfect solution!  We were tired of having multiple pieces of furniture in our room taking up precious space and we wanted to end up with a custom/built in looking solution.  We decided to purchase two of the tall IKEA Hemnes dressers and combine them into one large piece.  This enabled us to keep everything looking clean simplified in one area, and freed up much needed space in the rest of our room.  Combining the two dressers was a relatively simple project that we finished in about a day and a half, and we couldn’t be any happier with the end result!  Our IKEA Hemnes hack has the custom,high end look we were going for and offers tons of space too! Here’s how we did it:

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 9

We purchased two of the Ikea Hemnes tall dressers for less than $200 each.

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 1

First, we trimmed off the tabletop overhang so that the dressers would sit tightly up against each other.  Next, we used screws to attach the two dressers together from the inside.

ikea dresser hack-built in

After the dressers were attached, we used wood filler to minimize the seam where the two dressers met.

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 3

Next, it was time to build a custom top!  To build the top, we ended up using pieces of pine flooring that we had left over, but you could use just about anything.  First, we cut and attached pine boards to the existing table top. Then we cut 2″ strips for the frame and face nailed them to the existing table top to give it a more finished look.

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 5

Close up of the new top…

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 6

Next, we cut baseboards for the bottom of the dresser to give it a more built-in feel.

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 2

Finally, I gave the dressers a nice coat of off white paint and applied a medium brown stain to the dresser top.  To protect the top I applied two coats of Minwax High Gloss Poly!

ikea hemnes dresser hack-built in 7


We completed this DIY built in dresser in 2015 and are still loving everything about it to this day!


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  1. How did you cut the top portion of the dresser? What other ways would you recommend or not recommend?

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