Ikea Hack! Gilded Gold Hemnes Nightstands [DIY]

ikea hack nightstands before and after

It’s been a bit since we’ve shared a post here on Picklee (sometimes life just gets in the way of things!), but we are back today with a fabulous “Ikea Hack” transformation!  Though they have some great pieces, I don’t usually buy much in the way from furniture from Ikea, mostly because everything I have is antique or vintage.  However, about a year ago I found myself in desperate need of two matching nightstands (I don’t mind if they don’t match but Brett was a sticker for a matching set).  So we picked up an inexpensive pair of Ikea Hemnes nightstands.  Of course I can never leave anything as is, so I decided to make the set pop with a little gold gilding!

ikea hack nightstands before and after

Ikea Hack! Gilded Gold Hemnes Nightstands [DIY]


  • furniture of choice, a boxy, clean lined piece works best for this project
  • Rub n’ Buff Metallic Wax in Antique Gold
  • foam dabber for application


Decide where you’d like to accent your piece with gold.  I added gold to the edge, feet and around my drawers to give my nightstands somewhat of a campaign style.
ikea nightstand hack

Use 1″ painters tape to mark off the area you’ll be adding gold to.  I chose to wax the edge of the nightstand, to make a 1/2″ wide box around the outside of my drawers, and then a 2″ section of gold to the feet.

ikea-nightstand hack-2

Use the foam dabbing tool to apply the Rub’ n Buff to your piece.  I found that my surface required two coats of wax for full coverage.  Since the wax dries so quickly, I was able to apply the second coat within 10 minutes.

ikea nightstand hack 3

This turned out to be a super quick project!  I was done with the first nightstand in under an hour!  Here’s how it turned out…

ikea-nightstand hack-4

The gold gilding definitely adds a level of sophistication & character to these otherwise basic & simple pieces!

ikea-nightstand hack-5

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