Get the Look: Antique Crackle Finish [DIY]

We’ve demonstrated lots of fun finish techniques using different types of chalky finish and chalk + clay paints (this is usually my go-to technique =) ) .  However, recently a few of you have been asking for a tutorial on achieving an antique crackle finish using chalk paints.  Ask, and you shall receive!  Today we’re sharing a video tutorial that we created for a tutorial series with Deco Art.  This tutorial uses chalky finish paint along with a crackle medium to bring out a finish that looks like its been around for decades!

Before we share the tutorial, here’s how our old drum table looked before it’s transformation…

before drum table

and here’s how it ended up after the crackle finish technique…

crackle effect table

a close up of the crackle…

crackle effect how to

Now, learn how to get this beautifully distressed, antique crackle finish…

I hope you enjoyed our tutorial, now go on and crackle something!

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