Fake out! Lacquer-Look Candle Sticks [DIY]

diy candle sticks 3

I’m all about the lacquered look right now…from large pieces of furniture to small home décor items.  Lacquered furnishings make a big statement, so committing this look to large scale pieces can be a bit much for some.  So, as with just about any trend, it’s nice to start small when your trying out a new look.  I came across some amazing lacquer-look candle sticks here, which left me determined to create my own, using old candle sticks I already had of course!  Shelling out $59 each for the candle sticks just didn’t seem like a reasonable option, and definitely not as much fun 😉

diy candle sticks 3

Fake Out! Lacquer-Look Candle Sticks


  • two smooth finished candle sticks (mine where wooden, originally from IKEA)
  • Deco Art’s Gloss Enamel Paint (secret to the “lacquer” look!)
  • small paint brush


Select your perfect paint color.  Deco Art’s Gloss Enamel paints are perfect for this project because they have that glossy, lacquered after applying a couple coats!  I chose to mix equal parts “baby blue” and “light buttermilk” to create the light, coastal blue color I was looking for.

diy-candle-sticks 2

Apply the paint to your candle sticks using a soft bristle paint brush.  Most projects will require two coats of paint for full coverage (wait about an hour between coats).

diy candle sticks

Both coats should be dry after about an hour!  Achieving the lacquered look is that simple!

diy-candle-sticks 4

diy candle stick

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