DIY Gold Twig Bangles

twig bangles
Creating jewelry from nature is a beautiful thing…it’s simple, understated, unique and not to mention, FREE!  I always love the look of gold bangles, but I usually prefer jewelry with a more natural feel…and what’s more natural than creating beautiful things from nature?  So I decided to make my own bangles using TWIGS!  It might sound a bit odd at first, but the end result is beautiful!
twig bangles
DIY Gold Twig Bangles
  • A couple of skinny twigs
  • Deco Art’s Dazzling Metallic paint in Venetian Gold
  • Hot glue

Collect an assortment of super thin, pliable twigs (you’ll find lots of them this time of year!).  Cut your twigs into smaller pieces if necessary , so that you can weave them together into a circle to fit your wrist.

twig bangles 5

Use a touch of hot glue to connect the ends of the bangles together…

twig bangles 4

Paint the twig bangles in Deco Art’s Dazzling Metallic paint…

twig bangles 3

Allow the bangles to dry for 2 hours and enjoy!

twig bangles 2

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