Anthro-Inspired Stacked Vase Candle Holders

anthro inspired candle holders

There’s no question that I have DADD (Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder).  I can’t keep the same decor in my home for longer than a week without changing it.  One thing I’m constantly changing out are my centerpieces (in the kitchen & on my dining table).  I usually rotate through different types of flowers & candles. I was changing out my kitchen island centerpiece last week when I realized I’d been using the same boring glass candle holders for months, so I decided to create some fun & unique candle holders using upcycled vintage vases from the thrift shop!  I’ve seen unique candle holders similar to these for hundreds of dollars at Anthropologie (one of my favorite sources of inspiration), but I decided making my own would be much more fun (and far less costly!).

stacked vase candle holders5

Anthro-Inspired Stacked Vase Candle Holders


  • various glass vintage vases (I found mine at the local thrift shop)
  • hot glue
  • white gloss spray paint (I used Rust-oleum)


Select different sized vases that can be stacked stably on top of each other.  Be sure to select tops that can fit tapered candles.

stacked vase candle holders

Stack the vases on top of each other in different configurations, making sure that the heaviest and widest pieces are used for the bases.  I didn’t stack more than two vases together, just to be sure they were stable.  Once you’ve stacked everything, use a hot glue gun to attach the vases to each other.

stacked vase candle holders2

Bring the candle holder outside and spray them with a coat of white gloss spray paint.

stacked vase candle holders3

Allow the candle holders to dry overnight before using them!

stacked vase candle holders4

I used my DIY Handrolled Beeswax Candles with my candle holders!  These make such an unbelievable statement! anthro-inspired-candle-holders

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