DIY Rope Hardware Hack [tutorial]

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Who doesn’t love flipping a good “flea market find”?  Flea market finds usually come old, dirty, and dirt cheap, which always makes for the BEST transformations… but what do you do when your flea market find is missing all or some of it’s hardware?  Usually, if it’s missing a knob or two, it’s a simple fix.  We can always find a replacement knob, or purchase a set of all new knobs…no big deal.  The real kicker is when you’re piece is missing very specific handle pulls.  Replacing handle pulls can get sticky because this leaves you searching out new hardware with the exact same hole spacing.  When this isn’t an option for you, there’s a perfect solution!  DIY Rope Hardware can be customized to fit ANY spacing on an old piece, AND it’s super simple & inexpensive!


DIY Rope Hardware Hack [tutorial]

For this project, all you’ll need is a roll of woven rope.  Hit up the local hardware store and pick your favorite color & size, there’s usually a few different options!


The nice thing about woven rope is that you can twist off separate sections as you need them.  The rope I chose was a little too thick for the existing holes on my dresser, so I simply unraveled one of the pieces to reduce the thickness of my handles…


After cutting my handles to size, I taped off the ends of the rope to make it easier to insert into the holes on my dresser.  I found that the rope frayed quite a bit if I didn’t tape it off before inserting it…


Once the rope was through the holes on the dresser, I simply tied them into a small knot on the backside…


It’s as simple as that!  Our flea market dresser now looks super chic & nautical with it’s fabulous new DIY rope hardware!


One more close up…


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